Difference Between Real And Manufactured Stone Veneer

Have you ever inquired a stone veneer contractor or a masonry contractor whether the stone veneer is real or manufactured? You should do that because both look the same. As everybody knows now that, the stone market has become a new hot in the hardscape design.

All you need to know about Stone Veneer

It is worth mentioning here that in terms of material cost, there is not much difference between the real and the manufactured stone veneer, but there are many specifications one of preferred over the other. Here is the difference between real and manufactured stone veneer that you should be aware of to make an informed decision.

Real Stone

Real stone is the natural one, which is mined and cut into different shapes to fit in for different uses.

Manufactured Stone

It is also known as cultured stone. A mix of cement and many other components that are molded and toned to appear as a real stone.

Difference as To Which One Is Better?

A final verdict cannot be given as to which one is better, a real stone or a manufactured veneer. A stone veneer contractor or a masonry contractor would always say that the choice depends upon your preference and for what landscape you require the stone. Here are a few things you should consider before making any decision regarding which stone you should choose.

Real Stone

Although the material cost of both stones is equal, the installation cost makes it way costly to use the real stone. It weighs much more than the manufactured stone. However, the finished look does not show any visual difference in regards with the manufactured stone.

But, there is one feature the real stone holds that manufactured stone lacks. The real stone is chosen and installed to appear as it was always a part of the landscape. One may argue that the manufactured stone veneer serves the same purpose now but only a high-end manufactured stone can serve this purpose and that too only a few ones.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is a favorite with majority of people because of its problem-solving abilities. It is also more useable because of its high availability as it is used where there are no sources of quarried stone. It is also cheaper as compared to the real stone and weighs 3 times less than that of real stone. Also, it is easy to install. It can be installed up to 30 feet without requiring extra footing. It also is a solution for the wood core walls, as with real stone, an additional reinforcement is required to support the wall’s weight.

Tips for best backyard landscaping

One thing needs to be remembered here that the manufactured stone is not suitable for water applications like pools and fountains because the chemicals and persistent moisture will result in its deterioration.

Another difference that exists between the real stone and manufacture stone is that for real stone installation, you have to go to masonry contractor long island while for manufactured you heed stone veneer contractor.

Scientists Have Discovered Self-Healing Glass

When was the last time you cracked your mobile phone screen? Oh wait, is it shattered even now as you read it on your phone browser? Broken and cracked screen glass are so common. You get a new glass protector for the phone and it breaks the very next day. Sad life it is! But the good news is that you no longer have to deal with broken glass because Japanese scientists have discovered a self-healing glass.

Latest Discovery By Japanese Scientist

According to recent claims, a Japanese scientist who are actually a group of university students have discovered a self-healing glass that fixes itself on its own if only pressure is exerted on the broken glass screen.

Is It An Intentional Discovery?

Well, this is the interesting part. The discovery of the self-healing glass is in fact accidental. The researchers who have discovered this glass are in fact university students of the Tokyo University in Japan. They were carrying out an adhesive research study in the lab which accidently led them to discover the self-fixing polymers.

What Is The Self-Healing Glass?

The self-healing glass is basically a polymer compound that restores its original form and shape after being treated. This discovery was made in a lab where one of the researchers out of the group of students working together on an adhesive experiment noticed that a certain polymer restored its original shape within 30 seconds if it was held tightly together. The polymer was in fact intended to be used as a glue but it was not losing its shape and in fact restoring to original form once cut and held together. The only condition that was mandatory for this to happen was the temperature which required to be around 21 degree Celsius i.e. room temperature.

About The Polymer Compound

The compound that is expected to be used as a self-healing glass for mobile phones and other devices in near future is in fact a polymer. It is a very light weight polymer and is scientifically known as the polyether-thiourea. The compound namely ‘thiourea’ that is present inside the polymer comes with the ability to restore shape on its own. This compound chemically comes with the ability to create hydrogen bonding within seconds to prevent the chain of molecules from breaking. Hence even if it is cut, broken or harmed – it ends up restoring to its original form within seconds.

Not The Only Self-Healing Glass Yet Unique In Its Own Accord

This is certainly not the only self-healing glass. Many other similar discoveries have been made over the years. Let’s not forget about the robust glass that became very popular. However, this self-healing glass is unique in its own accord because unlike other glasses of the same category it does not require any to be put in or exposed to any particular conditions to heal. The fact that it is self-healing at room temperature makes it very unique and different.

All you want to know about hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening helps you to remove the curls permanently and straightens your hair using chemical treatments.  It helps you to avoid the use of a styler daily. There is several methods followed hair straightening salons to do hair straightening.   The following two steps are unavoidable in this process.

  • Hair salons use sodium based products to break the keratin structure. This makes the hair more manageable.
  • The fibers in one’s hair are set in the desired shape with the use of an oxidant.

Types of hair straightening

The process of permanent hair straightening can be classified into different categories based on the technique used in the process.  They produce silky straight hair using different ways. They are:

  • Japanese straightening
  • Keratin straightening
  • Hair re-bonding
  • Chemical straightening

What is Keratin

Keratin refers to the protein contained in our hair. As the protein level decreases due to malnutrition hair becomes tangled and fizzy. Treatment provides an additional coating of keratin on the shaft of the hair and it makes the hair straight.  Though most of the hair straightening techniques cam damage your hair, this method is not like that. This method takes about two hours for completing the entire process. No strong chemicals are used in this process to open/close the hair cuticle in the hair straightening process.

Though people say that this is a permanent solution, in fact, it lasts only for about six months. Repeated usage of the procedure has been found to be useful in producing better results.

Do it yourself hair straightening tips

Hair straightening is not a difficult task if you pay great attention. Carelessness can burn your skin and hair. Easy steps for carrying out hair straightening at home are given below.

Wash your hair cleanly and allow it to dry with the help of a blower. If you use blower little saving in time can be obtained.

Brush your hair thoroughly so that all the tangles are removed. Thorough combing before applying the iron will make the heat distribution even. If there are some tangles left at the time of straightening process the crimps and knots will be left after the process.

  • Spray heat protectant onto your head. Comb the hair quickly to distribute the heat protectant.
  • Blow drying will can reduce the time needed for completing the process. Do not try straightening when the hair is wet as it can lead burning of the hair.
  • Let your iron get warmer. After plugging in the iron, wait for five minutes. Temperature setting can be medium for hair with average thickness can be 300-370° and for thick hair it can be 400-450° and for thick hair it can be 400-450.
  • People with thin hair can divide it into 2-4 sections and people with thick hair will have to go for more sections. Keep every section separated from the lowest section. Start your work with the lowest lock of hair. Hold one lock at a time. Tie the hair in half ponytail by sectioning off the top section. You should have full access of the lower portions of the hair.
  • Apply iron on the lower part of the lock in your arm and straighten it preferably in one pass.
  • Place flat iron on hair 1-3 inches above. Close the heated sides with hair inside them.
  • Run the iron through the length of the lock applying same pressure throughout. You may see steam coming form hair. It is normal.
  • If the lock of hair is not fully straightened you can go for a second time. If it is still not straightened go for smaller locks of hair. Multiple passes has to be avoided. This can be achieved if you go to   good hair salons in rockville and ask them to  select small locks of hair at a time.
  • Rub the hair with a drop of oil or spray some hairspray over the lose strands or flyaway strands.

Most Anticipated Smartphones Of 2018

We all live in a technologically crafted world and love our gadgets. In fact, the affiliation that we have developed with our mobile phones is like no other bond these days. Our favorite electronic mobile brands have a release cycle for every year in which they release the latest upgraded version of their flagship phones in the upcoming New Year.

Best smartphones 2018

2018 is no different and all biggies including Apple, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and LG have announced new smartphones that will be coming out in 2018. So before your heart starts racing any faster – let’s reveal the most anticipated smartphones of 2018.

Apple iPhone 9

2017 was a landmark year for Apple Co. as it released not one but three new flagship phones – iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X. This was a year of revolution in the history of the brand because it is accustomed to launching only one phone in a year and 2018 will be the standard year again with only the iPhone 9 slotted for released in September. The iPhone 9 deserves your attention for all the right reasons including the fact that it is welcoming back the home touch screen press button.

Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+

Samsung is expected to release its newest versions of the world-popular galaxy S series in 2018. These will be Samsung galaxy S9 and S9+ and your heart needs to start racing with these phones for all the right reasons. The latest versions of the flagship phones are coming with an advanced iris scanner as well as dual sim card support.

Nokia 9

Nokia was out of the league for a very long time with staying out of action of smartphones. However, it seems like Nokia is back in the league with its Nokia 8 smartphone that it released in 2017 and got a great response for it. Nokia 9 is slotted to come out in mid-year of 2018 and is the upgraded version of the flagship smartphone.


HTC has been the exclusive smartphone brand for a very long time now with making history every time it comes with a new release. HTCH U12 is the new release by HTC slotted for 2018. This is the amazing addition in its revolutionary camera smartphone series. What’s more new about this phone is that it comes with an inbuilt edge sense system and is likely to run on the dragon sim chip for added support. The U12 is not successor of any previous model but is the base phone of what is being expected to be a new model series by HTC. This phone is also bringing back the dual camera setup for android phones. The release for this phone is expected to happen be in May 2018 and will be made available for the general public in May 2018. The price is moderate as the U12 model is a mid-range phone that is targeting the masses.

Herbal treatment for anxiety disorders

Studies show that anxiety disorders are increasing in the Unites States. Patients suffering from anxiety diseases are prone to nervousness and excessive fear which occurs without any reasons. Such symptoms hinder the normal functioning of people affected with anxiety disorders. Shortness of breath, increased heart beat, sleeplessness, dizziness etc is some of the common symptoms of anxiety disorder.

All you should know about anxiety disorders

This disease can be easily treated with antidepressants, or anti anxiety medicines. Therapies like exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy etc are also used in relieving the symptoms of this disease. In addition to the above treatments some unconventional natural ways also exist. Some of them are discussed here.


This herb is also known as kava kava was originated long back around 3000 years ago. People living in and around Pacific ocean, Hawaii, Fiji etc ferment this herb and make a drink which works wonders in alleviating anxiety.  This is highly effective and useful herb for treating anxiety.


This herb is used for preparing medicines for insomnia, gastro intestinal problems, nervousness etc. Studies have shown that this herb is effective in reducing brain activity thereby relaxing the mind and relieving the symptoms of anxiety. But taking this medicine on regular basis can lead to problems like dizziness, increased heart rate, confusion etc.


This is a very effective herb for treating sleep disorders and anxiety related conditions. The sedative components in Valerian have been found to be very effective in reducing insomnia and anxiety. As this herb has an irritating smell, people take it as a capsule or tincture.


Chamomile tea was in use for centuries as herbal remedy for sleep disorders, anxiety and upset stomach. This medicine is taken as brewed in tea or as a supplement for relieving exhausted mind.


Lavender is used as an effective herb for anxiety disorders. It is useful in treating anxiety, insomnia, depression etc as it naturally relieves stress. The scent of this flower induces sleep in stressed babies. Smelling lavender or drinking lavender tea can immediately relieve the tension of a person.

Seek professional help

Though all the above mentioned herbs have been proved to be extremely useful, if the disorder starts distorting the daily routine of a patient, it is better to go for professional help in such cases. Modern medications or behavior therapy will be very useful and effective if they are carried out by professionally qualified and experienced persons.

Residential Window Tinting and its Benefits

Many people choose residential and commercial window tinting because of its benefits. Window tint is basically a thin laminate film that is installed on exterior or interior of glass in offices, shops, and homes.

Why choose Residential Window Tint?

It is quite a natural to love the place where you live. We all keep on doing efforts to make our homes better place to live, by decorating it, choosing best furniture, buying quality services, facilities and installing standard appliances and valuable stuff as well.

Reasons to opt for window tinting

Window tinting is one of these things that your home must have. Some of the benefits of applying window tint on the glass of your home are described below:

  • Protection from Harmful Ultraviolet rays:

A shining bright sun is not skin friendly all the time because sunlight contains Ultraviolet radiations. These UV rays are harmful to body because they contain more energy and cause serious health problems such as Sunburn, Tanning, Premature aging of Skin, Suppression of immune system, Eye damage and in some extreme cases it can result in Skin cancer as well. Window tinting can protect your home from dangerous Ultraviolet rays.

  • Additional Privacy:

Privacy is a prior and important thing to consider and because you would never like someone peeping or looking into your home intentionally or unintentionally. Window tinting is a great choice to keep your home a private place to live. You and your family can move freely without fear of privacy violation.



  • Safety from thieves, burglars, and robbers:

Many burglars can look into your home if windows tints are not installed. They can look all the valuable stuff inside your home and easily plan a stealth, robbery or theft. Therefore, residential window tinting protects your home from any kind of unpleasant intrusion and makes it safe as well.

  • Interior Protection:

Residential window tint and commercial building window tinting protect much more than just your body. Where sunlight can damage your skin cells and cause other serious injuries, it can affect the interior of your home or office as well. Sunlight rays can make interior surfaces rough, fade out the polish of furniture and damage expensive appliances. Installing window tint on the glass of your home and commercial building stops the sunlight from entering your home and prevent any kind of interior damage.

  • Glare Reduction:

Sunlight can affect your performance of doing everyday tasks such as reading, cooking, watching TV etc. You often feel uncomfortable and exhausted due to intense luminescence of sunlight. Window tinting keeps uncomfortable sunlight rays out of your home and increases your comfort levels, productivity, and performance at the same time.

  • Increase beauty and decoration:

You can increase the beauty of your home by installing window tinting films. Decorated window tint films springfield va are also available in many window tint shops. These decorated films create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere that positively affects your temperament. You feel joy while performing your household activities and chores. It also gives an elegant exterior look to your home and adds to its external beauty.

Guide To Buying Fashionable Sunglasses That Will Turn Heads

In addition to fashionable sunglasses protecting you from the harmful sun rays, they also improve your look. When you are wearing the units you want those that will turn heads as you walk. To help you out, here are tips on how to buy sunglasses that will leave everyone looking at you:

Buy units that complement your face shape

We all have different face shapes thus not all types of glasses will look good on us. To look awesome you should buy a pair that accentuates your face shape. Here are some of the popular face shapes and the types of glasses you should go for:

Round face: A round face is characterized by curved lines and no angles. The length and width of the face are the same. When making the purchase, you should go for glasses that are narrow in order to lengthen your face. The best sunglasses you should go for are rectangular glasses.

Oval: Sunglass experts call this face shape the perfect shape as you can wear any type of sunglasses with it. When buying, you should wear sunglasses that are wide at the broadest part of your face.

Oblong: This face shape is longer than it’s wide and has a straight cheek line. To add dimension and structure to your face, you should go with sunglasses with depth.

Square: A square face has a strong jaw and broad forehead. The best sunglasses to go for are those with more width.

Base down triangle: This face shape is narrow at the forehead and wider at the chin. If you have this type of shape you should go with sunglasses that are wide in shape.

Skin color

You should also consider your skin color for you to turn heads with your Prada sunglasses or any other pair. Experts group skin tones in two large categories: cool and warm. A cool complexion is characterized by pink or blue undertones while a warm complexion has gold or yellow undertones. If you have a cool complexion go for sunglasses what have blue, black, plum, or even magenta tones. For a warm complexion, go for sunglass frames that are orange, tan, off white, copper, or gold.


These are the factors you should consider for you to buy sunglasses that will turn heads. For the units to last for a long time, pay attention to the quality of the frames. As rule of thumb, ensure that your designer sunglasses have a high-quality frame.

Most of the people wear sunglasses as a fashion statement but the benefits of sunglasses are more than this. Fashionable sunglasses also protect you from the harmful UV rays. According to experts, the UV rays put you at increased risk of developing cataracts at the early stages of your life. The rays also thicken the conjunctiva and put you at more risk for keratitis. Whether you are planning on buying the sunglasses or you already own them, there are a number of things you should know:

Buy the right sunglasses

There are many types of sunglasses that you can go for depending on your needs. You can go for the prescription, transition, clip on, polarized, and many others. Each of these sunglasses has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, transition sunglasses are ideal when you regularly walk in and out of the house. Unfortunately, they aren’t good at blocking the UV rays. For ideal results, you should know your needs and go for those that are ideal for you.

To look good in the sunglasses you should go for those that accentuate the shape of your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, go for sunglasses that are wider at the top than at the bottom. For a round face, go for oversized sunglasses with rectangular and angular frames that will come in handy in offsetting the roundness. To soften the strong jaw and wide forehead, you should go for sunglasses with soft lines or rimless edges.  As rule of thumb ensure that you buy the sunglasses from a reputable sunglasses store.

You should take proper care of the sunglasses

Most people with cheap sunglasses may not give them the proper care they deserve as they don’t feel the cost but if you own designer sunglasses or any other type of high-end units you should take good care of them. This is to avoid spending a lot of money buying the glasses every now and then. One of the things you should do is be cautious of how you put the glasses on and off. As rule of thumb, you should hold the glasses by their frames and not by the lenses.

Whenever you aren’t wearing the units, you should store them in a box that not only protects the glasses from dust, but also protects them from physical damage. Whether they are sunglasses for men or women, always clean them regularly with a soft piece of cloth.