Holidays are a joyous but stressful time of the year. What can make the holidays a little bit better and less hectic is a good office holiday party with the help of your team and tent rentals. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can treat your office employees to a good time.

Set A Budget

The most important thing to do before throwing an amazing holiday party for your company is to set the budget. A budget is very important to allocate because you obviously want to stay within a financial limit and do things accordingly. If you overspend or do things too dramatically, then it might not be as good of a party as you anticipated in your mind. This is why you need to hit the table and set an allocated budget for your party.

Think of all the things you want the party to be comprised of and make a rough budget. After getting the numbers down, try to filter the list as efficiently as you can, so that you are cutting out all of the miscellaneous things which won’t make a difference, while simultaneously, altering and changing the budget as well.

The Venue

The next important thing to consider for a holiday party is to see where you want it to be held. If your office is too small of a space, then you might need to rent out a separate venue for the party. Keep the number of guests in mind first, before going out and seeing venues, because you want something which will accommodate all of your guests, but you don’t want too big of space either and waste valuable money.

Holiday Themed Décor

Next comes the fun part. A holiday party will not look like one unless you go crazy with holiday-themed decorations and other tidbits. You want to make the party look like a holiday extravaganza. It’s time to let your creative mind lose itself in the décor and go all out. You want to keep it looking like a company party with professionalism, but a little bit of holiday flair won’t hurt anyone.

The Food

You can’t have a party without some good food. You can totally win your employees over by having a menu set according to what they like. It’s about showing your appreciation towards them and letting them know that their hard work is appreciated in the company, so setting up a menu accordingly will only make the gesture a lot more sweeter.

Go for simple finger foods and easy-to-grab and eat food. Refreshments are a must, so try to have them at the beginning of the party when the guests start to arrive. Food and drinks are a great ice breaker and people will mingle a lot more with each other when there’s food involved.

The Invitations

You can’t have a holiday party without guests. So, invitations need to be a creative piece of work. Instead of being professional and boring in the invitation, make it more exciting and creative, by first appreciating your employees and letting them know that this party is a way of saying thank you for working during these stressful times and a party is a way of shaking this stress off. The party invitations can be physically handed over to the employees during a meeting or they can be e-invitations, which is just as great and includes less effort.

The Activities

A party is a montage of different activities, so make sure you have fun stuff planned for your employees for an entertaining night. If the party is more catered towards a specific day, have the right theme set for that day. You can also have other games like pool, card games and treasure hunts to make sure that things remain interesting throughout the event. Entertainment is also another great source of getting the people together and getting them to talk to other employees and guests too.


There you have it! These tips will make sure that your office holiday party is a night to remember. It’s not only versatile but it’s super easy to organize too, even more so if you let party rentals Clarksburg handle everything for you.

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