There are a lot of things you need to consider before choosing the perfect surgeon for hair transplant. The most difficult thing is to choose what type of procedure you want. Clinics providing hair transplants are all different from each other. They all provide a variety of procedures that you can choose from.

Moreover, their quality and range of instruments differ too. However, there is much more than just that which you will need to consider before finalizing a clinic.

Fniding the best hair transplant doctor

Here are all the things you should research on before you step your foot into any clinic for a hair transplant.

The clinic’s experience

Before you get onto deciding a clinic, you need to choose your preferred procedure. This way, you can make sure you are looking for clinics that offer that procedure. You will find most of the stuff you need to know on the clinic’s website.

You should be looking for the clinic’s reputation, experience, training, procedures they offer etc. A surgeon’s experience matters a lot. Hair transplants take time and practice and no surgeon can master it in first try. The amount of years a surgeon has worked for, and the number of patients he has performed your chosen procedure on tells a lot about their experience.

Ask them to see examples of the procedure they have performed on other patients. There are many surgeons who only focus on hair transplantation. However, some surgeons also perform hair transplants along with other procedures. Neither of them can absolutely guarantee a great grasp on hair transplantation. It all comes down to experience and capabilities. So do not get stuck on which surgeon only does hair transplants.

The clinic’s medical staff

Since you will be the one having to put up with the hair transplant procedure and recovery, you need to make sure you are also comfortable with your choice of the clinic. It is important to look for a clinic with a friendly and experienced staff. Make sure your chosen clinic also provides consultation.

They should first check your hair density before any procedure takes place. This not only helps the doctor understand better how much hair follicles are available for transplantation but also helps figure out the cause of hair loss.

Do not be pushed into a quick decision by any clinic. Take your time to understand which clinic will suit you better. While the surgeon’s own experience is very important, it is necessary to ensure that the clinic’s medical staff is also well trained and competent. With a friendly and educated staff, the surgeon can offer you a better treatment.

For instance, a FUT or FUE hair transplant is not only done by the surgeon alone. It also involves surgical techs, nurses and other experts. This means their entire team and staff should be experienced, cooperative and competent. They all should be aware of your chosen procedure and the devices used for it.

Check patient reviews

One of the best ways to figure out a clinic’s reputation and competence is to research for their patient’s personal experience with the clinic. Patient reviews can be easily found online. There will be patient with both good and bad reviews about the clinic.

However, too many bad reviews are a warning sign. Try to find patients who have had the same procedure as yours. They can help you understand the clinic’s experience with your chosen procedure better. Also ask the clinic for before and after photos of their clients.


It is a hard job to find the perfect clinic and surgeon for hair transplant surgery Towson. However, with just a little research, you can definitely find the clinic that is well suited to your needs and requirements.

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