A lot of people might be concerned or simply curious about the effects of keratin treatment. Does it change the color of your hair? Is it safe for colored hair? Well, all of these questions will be answered, so read this before heading to a keratin treatment salon. Here are some cases where keratin treatment can make the color of your hair look slightly different. Let’s begin!

If Your Hair Is Brown

If you naturally have lighter hair, or if you are a blonde, then the keratin treatment will knock your hair shade down to one to two shades and make it look more lighter. This change will not be as drastic, but you can definitely tell that your hair color isn’t the same.

This happens because of the natural reaction of the chemicals in the protein treatment and this makes the hair color look a lot lighter.

If Your Hair Is Darker In Color

If you have darker hair or even red hair, then you will see no change in the color of your hair after a keratin treatment. Dark hair is very hard to alter when it comes to color change so it won’t be changed by a slight reaction to the keratin treatment. Lighter hair can be altered because of its color composition and since the color is already light, it’s very easy for the keratin treatment to make it even lighter.

No Drastic Change

Before you get freaked out by the idea that keratin treatment changes your entire hair color, it’s better to know that this change isn’t drastic like a full-color change. The main reason for the color change is the reaction of formaldehyde with the other chemicals in the treatment, which gives rise to a makeshift bleach that is lighter in concentration and power but it can knock down a few shades of your natural hair color, especially if it’s light. But it’s not as dramatic as you think it will be. It will be a good change.

What Is Keratin Treatment For?

Here are some benefits of getting a keratin treatment and why it is amazing for frizzy hair.

Making The Hair Frizz Free

One of the most common reasons why people get keratin treatment done is because of the elimination of frizz. Frizz can be a huge problem for a lot of people and it can ruin the look of your hair. Keratin treatment makes the hair look frizz-free and it breaks down frizz with its amazing protein concentrate. The brittle parts of your hair become super nourished and there is no sign of frizz in your hair. It also lasts for about 6 to 8 months, if you take care of it properly.

Making Hair Smoother

Another reason why keratin treatment is so famous and popular among people is because of the fact that it makes your hair look so much more smoother and sleek. It does wonders on your hair and makes it look and feel healthy and soft to the touch.

It is a great way to keep your hair looking manageable and smooth. A keratin treatment is the best option to go for if you are looking for a conditioning treatment that will make your hair soft and smooth and will eliminate frizz and brittleness from your hair.

Making The Hair Straighter

Last but not least, a keratin treatment is a great way to make your hair look straighter without having to run a hot flat iron through it. It’s not as damaging as other hair straightening techniques and it gives amazing results with zero frizz. Your hair will look healthier and shiny.

The main goal of getting a keratin treatment is to get prolonged straight hair that doesn’t need to be touched up too much with a flat iron. The results are amazing and you will be pleased with how smooth and manageable your hair feels.


There you have it! Now you know whether or not keratin treatment has any effect on changing the color of your hair and is it deemed safe for being done on colored hair. You can go to a permanent hair straightening salon Rockville to ask more questions.

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