If you are sick and tired of smoking, it might be time to switch to concentrate vapes. Concentrate vaping is becoming more and more popular with small vape pens which is 510 threaded battery these days ever since medical herb laws have become more lenient.

Why Try Concentrate Vaping?

This question is a fair one. There are a lot of good vaporizers for dry herbs that you can find in the market. Most of the time, they are practical and affordable so why should you make the switch to concentrate vaping? Below are the notable advantages of herbal concentrate vaping:

  • Improved potency

Just as its name implies, the concentrates have better potency compared to run of the mill dry herb vaporizers since more active ingredients get packed in tiny amount that will be used up for vaping. It is a great advantage to users of medical doctors who have to ingest or inhale bigger quantities as prescribed by doctors. This is also not half bad for those recreational users who wish to enjoy a better hit.

In general, there are four kinds of dabs or concentrates, each of which has unique potency. These are wax, crumble, and shatter. Aside from the different potencies, their consistency and flavor also vary.

Crumble is glass-like even though this is stickier. Handling it is also easy. The shatter is the most potent kind of concentrate with a purity of 80%. Shatter is also glass-like that breaks into pieces when not handled properly. Since this is solid, it is pretty easy to handle shatter. Simply break of a small piece, put this in the heating chamber or atomizer of the concentrate vaping pen you are using, and you will be good to go.

Budder is similar to peanut butter which means that this is more malleable compared to crumble or shatter. It is also harder to handle so using just your hand is impossible. You need to use s pincer-like and small dab tool. Wax is possibly the most famous type of concentrate since this is the most affordable, not to mention that it also the easiest to get. You need a dab tool to handle wax concentrate due to its somewhat runny consistency with the tendency to stick to anything. So far, this is the weakest out of these four types.

  • Intensive flavor

Although flavor can vary significantly with the specific kind of botanical extract you chose, it is safe to say that concentrate vaping can beat dry herb vaping and smoking in this department. This is because the flavor is undiluted and concentrated. When you smoke, the rest of the burning chemicals can color it and affect the flavor. The purity of flavor is an advantage of concentrate vaping you will surely like.

  • Discreet and quick vape

There are times when you simply lack the luxury of time to bother with rolling and smoking your weed. There are also cases when you wish to do everything the low-key way. The vapor that emanates from a oil pen vaporizer is almost inconspicuous, although not completely. It also doesn’t stick to your skin and clothes and will not make your whole house smell.

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