The cost of living has increased significantly over the years. Back in the day, people would simply shift to new properties if needed. However, today, homeowners tend to make the most of what is available. Basements are usually the most neglected area of the house but there is a lot you can do to make it better. Here are some basement remodeling tips and tricks that will help you improve your basement. Involve home addition companies in your basement remodeling to increase the resale value of your house.

Define The Purpose

This is the most important tip you need to keep in mind when it comes to remodeling a basement. There could be several reasons provoking you to turn a neglected space into a living haven. For instance, you might have an expanding family and need additional space for privacy.

It could also be that you want a gym or a library to unwind yourself. Whatever you want the basement to turn into, there has to be a reason. This is because reason gives you a clear direction of what needs to be done and how. Otherwise, it is often that homeowners have no idea to begin with and are left clueless once the project is complete.

It is not only about increasing the resale value but also being smart with your investment. Practicality is the utmost important factor in deciding the success of your project. And since you will be turning a basement into a living space, you need to consider all the practical aspects.

Check And Resolve Issues

If your basement has only been used for storage and remained neglected most of the years, it is most likely some issues need to be fixed. Even if there aren’t any, you still need to perform a thorough inspection keeping in mind that such problems will only cost you additional time and money if needed to be fixed.

There have been a lot of cases where homeowners simply ignored this factor before remodeling their basements just to save some money, only to find out that there was a huge leakage and everything needed to be torn apart and rebuilt.

We will suggest hiring an expert to thoroughly check important areas and suggest fixes. Once the issues have been resolved, you can move ahead with the remodeling process.

Plan And Lay It On Paper

Now that you have defined the purpose of the remodeling process, it comes to the most important part of the process, planning. This is where you will need to take your time and think about every single thing thoroughly. If needed, think through things twice or thrice.

Then again, once the plan has been improved, you will only end up wasting time and money if you feel additional changes need to be made. If possible, see if your neighbors or friends have basements converted into living spaces just to get an idea.

You do not need to copy them but simply develop a concept of how the remodeling process will go. Then, lay the entire plan and ideas on a piece of paper. For a better idea/view, ask the designer to draw it on designing software. With a 3D view, you will be able to take a deeper look at how the finished project will look like.

You may not be able to spot the flaws as long as the idea is in your head but will surely do so once they are turned into a reality.

Ensure Ventilation

Regardless of whatever you want to turn your basement into, you must manage and maintain proper ventilation. It could get seriously hot and cold in the basements and you do not want to suffocate yourself especially if you have multiple people living with you.

You do not need to spend too much on ventilation, just a few windows to catch fresh air and natural light. Plus, if you intend to cook meals, install an exhaust as well. Harmful gasses can stay trapped in the basement for relatively longer periods and you do not want that.

Furthermore, if you have a central HVAC system installed, connect it to your basement as well.

Lighting Matters

Basements can feel congested if not well-lit. You have to keep in mind that you are turning the place into a living space and will need proper lighting. Then again, you do not have to spend too much but simply install one or two windows and energy-saving bulbs to create a welcoming energy.

If you can afford, install a remote-controlled lighting system that allows you to set the lights according to your mood. Plus, the entrance to the basement should also be lit to make it special.

Even if you have a condo, lighting plays in an important part in giving focus to certain parts of the space. Keep this in mind for your next condo remodel DC.

Improve Thermal Insulation

As mentioned earlier, it could become extremely uncomfortable living in the basement when the temperatures turn hot and cold. To keep things under control and bearable, you need to improve and install thermal insulation. It will also help prevent condensation in the winter, which could lead to the growth of mildew and molds.

Be Practical

A common mistake homeowners tend to make when it comes to remodeling is focusing more on luxuries and less on practicality. This silly mistake can cost you a lot in the long run. Basements are not places where you spend thousands of dollars on luxuries and facilities unless you have a huge house and money to spare.

However, for an average household, practicality is more important. This is why you need to be practical with the furniture and fixes. Your primary focus should be things that are useful and add to your comfort and convenience. Once you have decided on that, you can spend a little on luxuries and additional features.

Set A Budget

Setting a budget is necessary as it gives you a clear direction. You might have enough money to spend but still, you need to have a budget. Otherwise, this is where things can go wrong. If you think that you can spend as much money as you want, you are most likely to focus on things that will not add to the value of the basement.

Luxuries and other add-ons will not matter if your friends and families do not feel comfortable spending time with you in the basement. Therefore, set a budget that keeps you focused and your priorities in check.

Make The Best Use Of Space

Remodeling the basement is all about making the best use of space. To make way for other important items, you have to utilize space that otherwise goes unnoticed. For instance, install shelves and hangers to place or hang decorative items instead of placing them on the floor. This will clear up the walking space and remove any hurdles that might cause injuries.


In the end, remodeling a basement is all about planning and focusing on the priorities. In addition to considering the tips mentioned above, hire a home addition contractor McLean to help you out with the process. This way, you will be able to fetch a better price for your house should you decide to sell it in the future.

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