In today’s world, where there are different ways to communicate, all kinds of businesses work thrive in a multicultural environment. It is also very common that almost all kinds of businesses have their partners, colleagues, clients and customers at different parts of the world. The relationship between culture and language can be considered deeply linked. In other words, we can say that language is used to convey the essence of culture and its cultural ties.

Know about multicultural environment

When an infant is born, the infant is not tied up with any kind of culture. The child gets exposed to a culture right from being a toddler and gets influenced by his surroundings. That is how the child’s character shapes up. Eventually become a part of that particular cultural group.

From birth itself, a child learns a language which is spoken by the people around that child. Similarly a child’s opinion is shaped by whatever it comes in contact with.

Researches show that when people are physically and mentally almost the same while interactions between persons or groups vary widely between place to place thus forming different patterns of cultural behavior. This takes us to the idea that culture can be defined as the practices and beliefs that govern the life of a society where language is only a means of expression.

In that way everybody’s views are somehow or the other dependent on the way culture has influenced him. The understanding of a particular type of culture and the people involved in it can only be understood through enhancing the knowledge in the language they are using. This gives rise to some kinds of cultural understanding.

Cultural diversity

 As cultural is closely knit with language teachers who teach language should look into instructing their students on approaching the language by learning the culture as well. This makes way for people to understand and explore cultural languages. Language teacher must also keep in mind that people from different culture have different methods of learning. For example, in a country like China, memorization is the widely used way of studying language which is very unlikely to happen in a western education ideologies. In western countries, speech and writing in the most appreciated way to learn a language.

When teachers distribute study materials like books and other reading material, they should keep in mind that the students coming from different background shall be viewing the materials in a different way. So let us come to a conclusion that language and culture are the only mediums through which humans can share value.

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