When you have bought a rug, it is extremely important to make sure that it lasts for a long time. Taking care of a rug is essential because it defines the entire look of your room. In case your rug is worn out or dirty, your room will not look neat and clean. In general, traditional rugs require a greater amount of care because of the complex designs and fine artwork sewn on them.

Some tips to look after your rug

To help you take care of your rugs, we have put together a brief guide. The tips mentioned in this article will generally apply to all types of rugs, regardless of the fabric and type.

These include:

Watch the foot traffic

The only thing that causes rug damage faster than anything, is foot traffic. Rugs that are very durable and hard-wearing tend to withstand a lot of traffic. However, those rugs that are delicate will not last as long. To ensure the longevity of your rugs, place them in the corner of the room that does not experience a lot of traffic. This includes occasional rooms and bedroom.

Should you place a rug in the living room?

A living room usually has a high amount of traffic. Hence, your living room rug may be in danger. In case your rug is durable, you can certainly use it in the living room. However, if the fabric tends to wear out quickly, do not take any risks.

Do not wait to blot any spills

At times, you may end up spilling something on your rug. Spills and stains tend to reduce the rug life if you let them as it is.

Remember that in the case of spills, always blot the stains and never rub them. This especially applies to rugs made out of silk fabric. Essentially, blotting will allow you to get the moisture removed as fast as possible. To get a clean look, you will then have to wash the rug.

For different spills, you may have to use different solutions. In the case of soft drinks and alcohol, use one teaspoon of liquid detergent, a quarter cup of warm water, and ¼ white vinegar teaspoon. Use the mixture to rinse and blot the stain.

In the case of blood, make use of club soda and cold water. After applying the solution, use a clean cloth to blot it. Keep repeating the process until you’ve gotten rid of the stain.

For coffee and tea, use the same mixture that you have used for alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. However, in the case of tea or coffee, you will have to act pretty fast or else the tea stain will become much more difficult to remove as it dries down.

Do not hesitate to get professional help

Professional help can never be outranked. No matter how well you do, chances are that you are not as good as the folks who do it routinely for a living. So never hesitate to call a professional rug cleaner.

Vacuum the rug regularly

It is extremely important to vacuum your rug regularly, regardless of its type of fabric. This will protect the rug from accumulating stains and dirt, and from a dust mite infection.

Vacuuming is one of the easiest and more reliable processes to keep the rugs in shape for the long-run. In case you ignore it for months, you may ultimately have to get your rug washed. The latter is a far hefty process. Hence, you are certainly better off vacuuming the rugs every weekend.

In case you are setting up a new apartment, consider buying antique rugs Northern VA. This is because antique rugs tend to be very durable. However, since they are often heavier, they are difficult to wash.


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