Back pains are a very common which occur in a lot of people, ranging from athletic teenagers to feeble and old adults. However, if you are feeling severe pain, you may need to consult with a back pain specialist. Here are some red flags regarding back pain that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If You Feel Numbness In Your Legs

When your back is in pain, the pain may radiate towards other parts of your body as well. There are too many people who deal with excessive back pains, and then they also complain about pain and numbness in their legs. You see, our back and spine is a complex creation which involves a lot of nerves and muscles, interconnected with one another. So, when you are experiencing back pain, it is mostly due to the dislocated bone pressing down on some nerve. The nerve may be connected with the leg, giving it sensation and thrill.

If the nerve is pressed beyond its limit, it may cut the connection and path of nerves with the leg and you might end up feeling like your leg is numb. This happens very often and this needs to be accounted for quickly. Nerve blocking can lead to a lot of issues, so it’s better to get your back checked before it’s too late.

Your Bowel Movements Are Suffering

As mentioned above, the back is a complex connection of nerves which are connected to the entire body. Some back pains can also affect your bowel movements and bladder habits. You will sometimes not even feel the need to use the restroom, because the nerve supply that signals your brain to use the restroom is affected and it’s not signaling your brain. So, without knowing, you will urinate and not be able to notice at all. As you can see, this is a very embarrassing and stressful situation.

No one should ever stress about a back pain so much and put it off until matters worsen even more. If something like this happens, then you need to make an appointment with your orthopedic doctor and get your back checked, so you can see what is causing you to lose your bowel movements and bladder habits.

If You Can’t Keep Your Posture Right

The back is the only structure in your body which keeps you standing still and holds your posture for you. If the back pain is so much that you are always slouched over and not being able to keep your back straight, then this might be a huge problem. Not having a posture and not being able to keep your back and spine straight can lead to a lot more problems with other parts of your body. You might feel immense pressure in your stomach and other organs. So, you need to get it checked before it’s too late.

If You Can’t Keep Your Balance

To maintain your balance, your back and ears play a huge role. If one of these two body parts is suffering, then your balance might be disturbed. You need to get your back checked for something serious, if you are feeling like you are constantly trying to keep your balance, but fail every time. If your balance is not right, then you will feel nauseous, dizzy and unable to get yourself straight. So, don’t put up with the pain until the condition worsens. Get yourself checked because it is still reversible at this point.

If You Feel Severe Pain After Inactivity

Do you ever feel immense and sharp pain in your back after getting up from an inactive position for too long? This might be something serious and you need to get it checked with an orthopedic doctor. Pain after inactivity can leave you miserable and in a lot of pain. So, there is no need for you to put up with it. Try to be more active until you get an appointment with your doctor. Being active will help your back a lot because it won’t be frozen all the time.

There you have it! If you experience any of the things mentioned above in a higher magnitude, then you need to consult a spine and back doctor McLean immediately.

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