Divorce is a mental, physical and emotional roller coaster ride which makes you sad and happy both at the same time. Happy because you finally got a divorce and sad because life will not be the same for you anymore. Once you were known with your partner but now you are single. Amid the distress and hassle you tend to forget many important things regarding yourself and your life, especially if you don’t have the help of a family attorney. If you are going through a divorce, better to take care of these things listed below.

Change Your Name

This is for you if you are a woman. When you are in a relationship, you love each and everything about your spouse and you go to great extent to please them. Women change their last name from their fathers to their husbands. So after marriage, you are known as the wife of XYZ or Mrs. XYZ. You tend to forget that your social media accounts, your signatures, names in your children’s school, any club or committees or social services that you have joined, all have your name with your husband and surely you do not want that after the divorce. You should change your names from every possible place you could think of.

Change Passwords, Personal Information

You have spent a good deal of time with your spouse and you both were transparent to each other. You both would know each other’s passwords, ids and other information. No matter how honest or nice your ex-spouse is, you cannot share your personal information now that you have a filed for a divorce. You have to change all your passwords and privacy statements because you do not want your ex-spouse snooping around your personal information or checking your accounts. It could also lead to problems for you in the future so the first thing to do is change everything that your spouse knows.

Update Your Will, Make Changes In Estate Papers And Joint Accounts

As partners you would naturally have a joint account from where you both deposit and extract money. So you wouldn’t want that now would you? Especially when you are the major depositor in the account. So first things first, change your joint account and make it separate in your name. You could have acquired property or other investment assets and deals in all these years and the rent or profit would come in both your names. So you will have to update information in all the real estate properties so that you receive the sole benefit.

Your will is another thing you will have to update. Imagine something happening to you and all your hard earned money and assets going to your ex-spouse who probably made your life a torture cell or was never an understanding person. Consider re-writing your will after the divorce is finalized and removing the name of your ex-spouse from all your real estate assets, properties and trusts projects.

Life Insurance Policy

Every person has their own life insurance policy in which case all your funds and assets will be automatically transferred to the person you have written the name. Out of love you may have written your spouse’s name so you need to change that immediately after divorce.

Clean Up Your Past

If you are the kind of person who updates the tiniest bit of details on their social media accounts and makes memories through pictures then you should first clean up all your past pictures from all your social media accounts as you do not want random pictures of your lovey dovey moments popping up some 6 months after your divorce in your memories and making you feel either forlorn or disgusted. So clean up everything that you have posted post your marriage when your divorce is finalized.

Emergency Contacts

You would have written your emergency contact numbers of your spouse for sure as it is a common norm to put a number of someone you trust the most. But now you should consider updating your emergency contacts everywhere.

Divorce may not be easy for you mentally and emotionally but you should look at the important things even in this crucial time. Do not overlook the above mentioned things and immediately remedy everything. You can also ask your divorce lawyer Fairfax VA for advice in this matter.

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