The AC breaking down is the worst thing that can happen during the summers. But there’s not much one can do about it apart from finding alternate ways to keep the house cool while the unit is off for repair from an AC repair service. Let us take a look at some ways you can do that.

Plant Shady Plants In And Around Your House To Filter The Sun

Plantation within your home’s boundary has many advantages, and one of them is the ample shade they provide during the sweltering days of summer. If the trees get high enough, they will also provide shade over the house. This helps keep the walls from getting hot due to exposure to sunlight, which otherwise have raised the internal temperature in your home. It’s good way to keep your house cool when your HVAC unit is not working.

Invest In Double Glazed Glass Panes To Trap The Cool Air Inside

Walls are not the only way heat travels from the outside to the inside of the house. The thing that is most responsible for it is the thin pane of glass covering the windows and sometimes even the walls. A way to prevent this is to invest in double glazed glass panes, which as the name implies, are two pieces of glass with air, considered a very good heat insulator, sandwiched in between.

Keep Windows And Doors At Home Closed During The Daytime

The above steps are redundant if you do not keep the house sealed, preventing the hot air from seeping into the home, and colder air in the house from leaking out. This is why, in the daytime at least, it is advised to keep the house sealed by keeping all the doors and windows at all times.

Use Fans Smartly To Direct Cold Air To Key Areas Of Your House

Air conditioning is not the only way to keep your house cool during the summers. Before there was air conditioning, people used to rely on fans to stay cool, and believe it or not, the method works today just as well.

Limit The Use Of Electronic Appliances That Raise Temperature

Things like incandescent bulbs, stoves, candles etc, increase the ambient temperature in your home, and therefore it is imperative to use them only in times when it is absolutely necessary.

Reevaluate The Insulation In Your Home To Make Sure No Gaps

To minimize the amount of heat traveling inside the house by means of the walls, roof and other areas directly exposed to the hot summer weather outside, make sure that your insulation is in top order.

Paint Your Home With Weather Proof Paint To Reflect Heat Out

Modern exterior paints come with a specialized coating that does not let your walls absorb the heat from being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. Get a coat of it applied to yours.

Spend As Much Time In The Pool During The Day To Cool Off

And last but not the least, if the heat becomes unbearable, it may be time to actually embrace the summer and get in the pool.

With how high the temperatures go up these days, having a central AC to ward off the effects of summer is not just a luxury, it is a necessity for your family. The worth of air conditioning in your home is only felt when your unit breaks down and you can no longer enjoy sleeping in peace in the comfort of your bedroom, while the weather outside is hot and muggy. And while the above tips will help make things a bit more bearable, they are no substitute for the convenience that an air conditioner provides.

In order to make sure that something like this does not happen the next time, make sure to keep your air conditioner in top order at all times. Get a bi-annual inspection from a certified HVAC repair service Chantilly to diagnose any issues before they turn in a bigger problem in the long run. Do this before the summer season starts so that you face no issues when you need your HVAC unit the most. Take care of your appliance and it will take care of you. And most importantly, timely repairs might save you money on energy bills.

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