Installation of a pool in your property is exciting but there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. When selecting the type of material, pool builders offer two popular pool material choices. Gunite (concrete) and fiberglass. Let’s learn which type is better for your needs.

Gunite Pools

Gunite is a form of concrete that is mainly used for constructing pools. They are custom-built by pool builders on-site.

Unlimited Designs And Features

As gunite is a flexible material and can be shaped to any design, the choice of pool designs and features is virtually limitless. Any shape or size is available if you are using gunite for in-ground pool construction. Any abstract shape or any known shape like guitar, volcano, or anything else can be built. You can select any pool feature you want such as spa, tanning ledges, grottos, waterfalls, and something else.

Moreover, gunite offers any thickness and depth the homeowner desires. The amount of customizations offered by gunite make it the most popular pool building material.


Gunite takes weeks to install. Its installation is long and time consuming, but the final result is satisfying.


Gunite is the most durable material used for constructing pools along with shotcrete. Both are different forms of concrete. These pools are 8-10 inches thick and can’t be damaged by a big impact, pets and anything else. They can last easily for multiple decades. And in best case scenario, for generations.


Gunite pools need resurfacing every 10-20 years. You should increase the frequency of resurfacing if you’re living in a cold area of the country. Gunite pools are porous and it makes them prone to algae growth. If you want to avoid your pool looking green, proper maintenance is needed.

Feel Of The Pool

Standard plaster finish of gunite pools provide a rough feel to the skin. If you want to feel smoothness, you can choose a tile finish for gunite pools if your budget allows because it’s the costliest gunite finish.

Fiberglass Pools

These are pre-made pools that arrive at your place in a truck. A fiberglass pool during transportation would look like a giant bathtub. It is laid on ground with sand. Fiberglass is smooth and non-porous and prevents algae growth.

Shapes And Sizes

They are pre-made and you can select from a variety of different pool shapes and sizes, but you don’t have the same liberty of design and size as you have with gunite pools.


They are easy to install because its already fabricated. The contractor only has to fit it in your backyard. This makes it faster to install than other types of pools.


Fiberglass pools don’t wear and tear like gunite pools, but they are not as durable as gunite. Most fiberglass pools are about half to one inch thick compared to 8-10 inches thickness of gunite pools. They might crack with a severe impact and it’s not recommended to drain them completely to avoid damage to the surface. A disadvantage of fiberglass pools is that unlike gunite, many of their damages are not reparable.


As mentioned before, they might crack on a severe impact, but they are impervious to daily wear and tear. Fiberglass pools have smooth, non-porous surface which help them avoid algae growth. They also don’t need resurfacing. Due to these reasons, fiberglass pools are low maintenance as compared to gunite pools.

Feel Of The Pool

The gel-coated surface of fiberglass pools provide a smooth and luxury feel. They are the best option if your preference is a smooth surface on a low budget.


Both pool materials have some highs and lows. If you need a pool that lasts a lifetime and you don’t mind maintenance and resurfacing, you should consider a gunite pool. On the other side, if you want quick installation and a smooth feel, fiberglass pools are best for you.

Make sure to consult with a pool contractor Long Island before making a final decision, because, in some cases, the installation area is not suitable for a certain type. You should also consider your budget and time before selecting any type of pool material. It’s vital to consider all the options in every step to have a pool based upon your preferences.

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