Construction sites and projects require many different types of cranes. While some are fixed and designed to lift heavy loads, others are compact and can be driven to any construction site. Rough terrain cranes are one of the most popular types of cranes offered by crane services based on their capabilities. Let us dive into what are they used for along with their benefits.

What Is A Rough Terrain Crane?

Rough terrain cranes are comparatively different from other types. Even though there is no standard definition defining a rough terrain crane, according to many, a rough terrain crane is a machine that is designed to perform in confined spaces. Additionally, it has all the features allowing it to work on challenging construction sites without needing additional support. Typically, rough terrain cranes have one cab where the driver is positioned to operate the crane.

What Is Rough Terrain Crane Used For?

Rough terrain cranes can be used for almost any terrain type. These machines can easily climb up and down and be driven to otherwise unreachable areas. At the same time, these machines can also lift heavy loads including concrete and steel, and shift them to other locations with ease.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of rough terrain cranes is their compact size. Although they are compact, they feature powerful hydraulics allowing them to lift extremely heavyweights. If construction is taking place in an unfavorable terrain with many obstacles, a rough terrain crane is going to be a perfect choice.

Advantages Of Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes are popular due to their ease of usage and transportation. They can be simply driven to construction sites without needing to be loaded and then unloaded. Furthermore, rough terrain cranes do not require setting up. They are ready to use as soon as they are driven to a job site.

In addition to that, these cranes have all-wheel drive and steering allowing them to be driven on uneven and difficult to drive areas. However, you are going to need a certified crane operator who knows his way around rough terrain cranes.

Disadvantages Of Rough Terrain Cranes

While rough terrain cranes have several benefits to offer, there are some disadvantages as well. For instance, rough terrain cranes cannot be driven on public roads. You might need a different type of crane to perform the job.

Rough terrain cranes are stabilized using the H-pattern outriggers. These outriggers are designed to keep the machine stable on uneven terrains but can present problems if the load needs to be moved from one location to another.

Finally, rough terrain cranes are limited in terms of the maximum weight they can lift. If you need extremely heavy loads to be lifted daily, you should opt for a different machine. However, if you are able to find a rough terrain crane that can handle the loads, then nothing better.

How Does A Rough Terrain Crane Work?

Rough terrain cranes include several features that make them the most suitable choice for many construction projects. To begin with, these cranes have two hyper-sized axles with separate differentials. These hyper-sized axles have oversized tires installed that are comparatively wider and larger in diameter.

Furthermore, rough terrain cranes also come with three steering modes enabling them to maneuver up and down on uneven, steep, icy, snowy, and muddy terrains, etc. Next, the H-pattern hydraulic outriggers mean the crane has a wider center of gravity allowing them to remain stable on sloped or even surfaces.

Finally, rough terrain cranes can easily move around job sites as compared to other crane types. With strong grip tires and weighty outriggers, you do not have to worry about the crane losing ground while it makes its way through difficult obstacles.

Final Word

Rough terrain cranes are mostly used for lifting heavy loads. However, their features make them stand out from the other types. Construction taking place in areas that are relatively hard to reach can make use of such cranes to easily lift and shift loads. And since these machines are designed keeping in view the extreme weather conditions, you are going to have no problem keeping up with the schedule. If you are looking for rough terrain cranes, get quotes from multiple crane rentals VA to save some money during the project.

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