Party preparations do not always have to be difficult. In case you have a wedding planning checklist at hand, things can be a lot easy for you. In this regard, we have put together a number of tips that you can use. Using these tips, you will be able to arrange party tent rentals, decorations, food, and all other wedding must-haves beforehand.

The only wedding planning checklist that you need

Most of the time, you will not need anything more than a simple check-list that can be applied to all types of wedding events. We have broken these down in the form of days before your wedding day. So, follow them as it is.

Two weeks before your wedding

This is high time for you to set up the menu of the dinner. Make sure that you are not choosing the food right on the venue. Rather, plan out all the dishes before. In this regard, you may put together a shopping list.

In case you are not good at cooking or if there are too many guests arriving, you may as well rely on a catering service.

Furthermore, this will also be suitable time for you to plan your wedding decorations out. In order to get crafty on a smaller budget, consider shopping for decoration items on the internet. There are plenty of cheap wedding decoration ideas that you can find on websites such as Pinterest. So, consider getting the most out of those.

One week before your wedding

This is the right time to get all the groceries for the food. Make sure that you have bought all the basic items in bulk. This will allow you to save a lot on the total cost.

Furthermore, if you are arranging a wedding party in your home, this is the right time to do some decluttering. So, clear all the stash of useless mails that are lying around your dining table. At the same time, create some room for drinks and food in the fridge by getting rid of all the useless items.

Also, keep a small plan for all the party activities that you could enjoy on the wedding day. This will apply to smaller wedding parties though. In bigger ones, people would rather want to be left all by themselves and socialize with each other.

Also, make sure that you have a playlist at hand to give to the DJ. A wedding event must be memorable, and nothing would make it more exciting than some sweet music. However, while putting the playlist together, make sure that you are not including songs with exotic genres. Rather, add some pop music that which most of the guests on your wedding are bound to enjoy. After all, not all guests on your wedding party will be a fan of Iron Maiden.

A day before the wedding

This is the time for all the final preparations. More than 24 hours before a wedding party, start working on all the decorations that you have to do in the venue. In case it is a bigger party, you may need assistance of other people for decorations.

Furthermore, also start making all the food. In the case of bigger parties, this will be the job of a catering service that you would hire beforehand.

Ending note

The above mentioned check-list applies to all parties, and not just wedding parties. So, regardless of the theme of the wedding, you can always rely on these without any hesitation. Though, do make sure that you have booked wedding tent rentals MD in advance. After all, that is the prerequisite for any wedding event.

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