People often romanticize straight and gorgeous-looking hair but getting the straightening done is not easy. Can it be a piece of cake contrary to the legends of straightening? Well, it does take time and effort, whether you do it yourself by flat ironing or visit a keratin treatments salon. If you’re looking to straighten your hair yourself, follow this guide.

Get Your Hair Shampooed and Conditioned

First and foremost, you have to wash your hair and help them rid of all the dirt and smut. Shampoo your hair before anything else, and condition them later. Before straightening, it is better to get your hair shampooed and conditioned as your hair become more likely to receive perfect straightening right after that.

Howbeit, it is avoidable and not an absolute necessary part of this process. Though, it is better to take the recommendations into careful consideration.

Dry Your Recently Washed Hair

It is incumbent on you to get your hair meticulously dried. You just cannot run a flat-iron over your wet hair as it can leave some dangerous ramifications on your hair in the long run. You may or may not use a blow-drier but make sure you have your hair consummately dried before you proceed towards the major step.

There are some flat-irons available in the market that have the feature of blow-drying as well. If you buy yourself this multi-functional product, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Comb Them Thoroughly

After drying your hair, the next step in our guide is to get your hair combed. It is again not an inevitable part of the straightening process but it is highly recommended by us and our team of expert hairdressers. You are suggested to comb, whether your hair are thin or thick, and if you have thick and rugged hair then it becomes indispensable to do so.

A chase comb can be easily fetched from the market which would help you comb and straighten in a closely subsequent way.

Separate Your Hair Using 4 To 8 Hairbands

Now, as you reach the next level and feel ready to straighten, try and split your hair into a number of sections to add diligence and proper application to the entire procedure. Divide your hair into multiple sets and pin them up using a hair clip, or simply use a ponytail to make them stick together. It is important to fractionate your hair because straightening cannot go smooth and trouble-free sans it.

Set the Temperature of the Flat-Iron

It is extremely important to note the temperature at which you are allowing your straightener to function. Temperature less than what is needed is likely to leave your hair in the same and unchanged position, and an elevated temperature is most likely to ruin your hair in the worst possible manner. Setting the temperature right is inevitable as, in an otherwise situation, you would be in the middle of devil and the deep blue sea.

Move the Flat-Iron Through Your Hair Twice or Thrice

Take one section of your hair, after untying it, politely move the flat-iron through it. Do not run it through your hair savagely or abruptly.

Doing it once may or may not be enough. Therefore, you are suggested to move the flat-iron over this particular section of your hair twice or thrice, but not more than that. Also, do not try to get it done in one go. It is absolutely usual to get the straightening done in second or third stroke.

Just be watchful of one thing which is likely to cause your hair an uncompensated damage. Make sure, it is not overdone in any case.

Untie Every Section of Your Hair One over the Other and Repeat the Process Till It’s All Done

Set each section of your hair free of the hair clips, run your hand through it once — only to remove the frizzes and tangles — and let the flat-iron take care of the rest. Do 2 to 3 rounds of flat-ironing dealing with each specific section of your hair, and keep up on it till it’s eventually done. Do not remove all hair clips simultaneously as it is not a good idea to straighten without separating.

In the end, if you want to get hair straightening done quickly and reliably, you should visit a reputable hair salon Olney MD.

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