Trees are living species and need nutrients and food for growth and sustainability. Similarly, trees also get sick and ill, get diseases and face many problems. The only issue is that trees cannot express and tell their problems themselves. It is you who should identify the problems. You should call in tree services regularly for inspection of your tree that whether it is growing and striving well or facing any problems.

Below are the most common tree problems that go unnoticed many a time.s

Compacted Soil

The trees that you grow in your yard, faces constant wear and tear of the soil. You run, walk and play around the soil which causes it to become non-porous and compacted. Also, construction sites nearby or if your house is newly constructed can cause the soil to become compacted. Trees require the perfect balance of nutrients and compacted soil fails to provide enough nutrients causing the trees to become sick which leads to poor nutrition and restricted root growth.

Lack Of Nutrients

Trees get a lot of mineral nutrients from fallen twigs and branches and decomposed leaves. However, in your yard, you usually clean all the fallen twigs, leaves and branches, you also clean away the nutrients which can be recycled into the soil and hence healthy nutrients for trees are lost.


This is a common tree problem where the tree is not making enough chlorophyll. This leads the leaf color to change to pale green within the canopy. This is usually when the tree has iron or manganese deficiency and can lead to serious tree health problems.

Girdling Roots

Girdling roots is also a common problem and occurs due to the tree being planted too deep. This causes the roots to grow upwards instead of growing downwards into the soil. The roots gird the main trunk and stem of the tree and also stop water, nutrients, minerals and air from reaching the tree stem. These unfavorable growth conditions can also lead to the death of the tree and if the condition has progressed far then it cannot even be cured.

Insect Diseases

No trees can be completely saved from insect infestation. But you can prevent the growth of insects and their spreading by keeping your trees healthy and by ensuring that they are getting proper nutrients, sunlight and water. Insects such as bugs, inchworms, Treescale and Spidermites are common insects and can be prevented by application of neem oil or insecticidal soaps.

Harmful insects which are also known as boring insects such as, Japanese Beetles, Ambrosia Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer are more difficult to control. You will see them as a colony of sawdust on trees and they will make holes on the trunk and branches of the trees where they have infested. Never put insecticides directly in the holes as they will damage the tree sap more. The only way is to cut the branches where the boring insects have spread to prevent further infestation.

Fungal Problems

Fungal infestations can occur both internally and externally. Internal fungal infestation can occur on unhealthy trees and trees with improper pruning and trimming. Internal fungal diseases are infected through open wounds and cracks in the tree. Serious problem occurs when you see mushroom growth on the trees as they grow on decaying tree matter and you have no option than to cut the tree. Spraying herbicides and pesticides would further lead to the death of the tree. You should remove that tree as soon as possible.

External fungal growth is caused by birds, insects, wind and small animals which carry bacteria, pathogens, and fungi pores from tree to tree. This is mostly caused in the spring and summer seasons. Powdery mildew, rust disease, cankers and other diseases are common fungal infestations and can be treated by removing the branch and foliage. On the safer side, treat the surrounding trees as well to avoid the spread of fungus.

It is a universal fact that a healthy and well cared for tree will be able to fight diseases and insects easily. Many factors can cause problems in trees and it is a matter of life and death for a tree and if the problem goes out of hand then the only option is to call tree removal companies Bethesda.

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