There is more than what meets the eyes!

That is particularly true especially in the case of crane truck rental. You might not be aware of interesting facts about the existence of heavy machinery and their evolution.

So, here we listed a few facts that will shock you and create interest in knowing more about these giant working machines before you rent a crane truck.

Fun Facts About Crane Trucks

Pyramids are the first giant structures that were made centuries ago but without any heavy machinery.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know that what was the inspiration behind the invention of heavy machines like these cranes?

Know about cranes trucks

  1. Invention and Inspiration

Greeks invented the first crane in around 500 B.C. and named it after it’s resemblance in structure and shape with the long-necked, long-legged birds’ crane. At the time of invention, they were called as Parthenon- similar to the crane trucks that are n use nowadays.

Before the Greeks, archaeologists have found evidence of crane-like machines from Egyptian civilization as well. They named it as Shaduf, and it was used to transport water in different parts of the city, more than 4000 years ago. It is still used even now in some rural regions of Egypt for the same water distribution purposes.

  1. The Construction of Burj Khalifa

You might have heard of cranes that are self-made. After the setting-up of crane’s control panel manually, the machine itself starts building and places rest of its units. Same crane technology was used during the construction of Burj Khalifa, and it reaches the height of 750 meters.

  1. The Largest Crane in the World

The largest crane in the world is found on Rotterdam, Netherlands and is named as Thialf. It is capable of lifting weights around 14200 metric tons.

  1. Politicians and Crane Handling Jobs

You might be familiar, but another surprising fact about the cranes is that some famous politicians of the world did work of crane rigging in their first career. Renowned activist Anna Walentynowicz from Poland and some other members of the United States, including the legislator and Australian Member of Parliament, have also experienced such jobs.

Many of them like Ana operated crane to raise voice for the rights of labors and working community as a welfare project.

  1. Innovations So Far

As every filed in the world is keep changing itself and try to improve day by day, so in cranes, most new things are to make them intelligent and much more efficient than the day before it was, two innovations are

  • Introduction of digital communication
  • VPG braking system

These two technologies make less use of energy during the time of operation. Yes, it is all about making cranes smart, maybe they fly someday like the bird cranes!

  1. Cranes as a Profitable Business

As the world keeps advancing itself and keeps continue making big tall and beautiful towers, in making them the cranes provide them with an effective way to perform so, the crane is the ultimate solution. Having firm of crane truck rentals and crane rigging give tremendous amount of money as construction takes a long time to complete.

Crane truck rentals and crane rigging is an only a one-time investment, and you will earn till a long time. Only you require to have the right choice of crane and well advertisements of your firm. More importantly, you need to have well-trained and skilled staffs who knows to operate them properly without any damage or loss.

  1. Heavy Machinery Industry

The most popular and growing and emerging business in the Asian-Pacific region is the crane truck rental and crane rigging. It is dominated with a 44.4% share in the entire heavy machinery industry.

The crane’s industry is growing 2% every year and according to experts that crane truck rental and crane rigging will rise to almost $10 billion from 2018-2025.

  1. Top Manufacturing Countries

These are the countries whose manufacturing cranes are considered most reliable.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • France
  • UK

So these are the most interesting facts about the cranes (machine). It emphasizes the fact that the crane truck rental and crane rigging DC is a profitable business in the coming years. So if you are thinking to invest somewhere, it is an excellent site to invest and get profits.

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