A BMW car is an eye candy. Everywhere you go – people turn their heads and admire its awe. However, if you slack in maintaining the upkeep of your car, its beauty will fade away. Your car needs regular ‘BMW tune up’. Every now and then, it is recommended to take your luxury car to scheduled maintenance. The following points will help you make your mind.

Maintaining BMW for road trip

People are careless. They throw trash inside the car, leave the windows open and let debris get accumulated inside the car overtime. Combined with dust, this increases sickness chances of an individual.

When you take your car out for scheduled maintenance, car experts blow air inside the car. This takes out the trash.


Luxury cars are good for one thing i.e. speed. However, with speed there comes a greater responsibility of taking care of yourself and your car.

Brakes are applied in accordance with speed. They work due to lubrication from brake oil. You need just the right amount of brake oil for your car.

Too less and brakes will start “missing”, too much and brakes will not be pressed. Car experts know the exact quantity as to how much oil is needed.


People often overlook tires. But is very frustrating to find a puncture if you love to travel. A scheduled maintenance will make sure you have adequate air pressure inside the tires.

Also, with age tires lose their tire tread. To know about the measurement of your tire treads, insert a penny inside the tire’s groove with Lincoln’s head pacing towards you.

If you can view the head, your tire depth is less than 2/32 inch and it is now time to buy new tires. Another test is Quarter test.

You really don’t need to do these tests all by yourself if you go benefit from the certified auto repair mechanics.

Engine Diagnostics

An engine is the heart of a car. Whenever a car doesn’t start or is giving out bad performance, it is highly likely that there is some problem with the engine

Therefore, it is advised whether problem or no problem, you should run engine diagnostics at least few times a year to ensure that engine is working fine. The diagnostic tests of ABS light, engine light, SRS light and battery light are done by veterans of technical training.

Engine oil has to be changed after every 5000 miles. If you don’t change it, the car loses its endurance. Keep this in mind when you for a BMW tune up next time.

Resale Value Increases

If a commodity is well looked after, its resale value increases. The buying party will know that it belonged to someone who took good care of her and so they will pay good money for it.

Smooth Drive Experience

A well maintained car has a smoother drive experience as compared to a car which is not maintained. Imagine yourself, driving a clean, auto-tuned car which shows no problems in engine diagnostic tests and has ample amounts of water and oil as compared to a dirty car with dust inside.

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