The most crucial part of event planning is making a timeline of stuff to do before, during, and after the main event. This is known as an event timeline. You can create a timeline yourself, with your team, or with the help of planers where you may let party rentals in on the plan. However, if you don’t know how to make a timeline for your event, then keep on reading.

Establish The Deadlines First

The deadlines are like the skeleton of an event timeline. Once you have the deadlines loaded in, the rest of the event can circulate around it. The deadlines of important highlights of any event will be the steering wheel of the entire event. You will have to plan everything else around the deadline in order for the event to be perfectly planned and executed. So, once you have a template, fill it up with the deadlines first. In this way, you will have everything planned and things will move at a smoother pace.

Factor In The Vendor Too

The next most important thing for the event timeline is the insertion of the deadlines and dates of the vendors. Whether it be the catering services, the decorating services flowers and other knick knacks, these will need to be entered in the timeline after the main deadlines. You will have such a breeze planning the rest of the timeline, if you fill out the vendor’s time and dates beforehand. This will give you an action plan to work on and make sure that you are meeting your own personal deadlines in correspondence to the vendors.

One Draft Is Not Going To Cut It

The best way to get a perfect event timeline is to have many drafts of them. Try out different formats and filling styles and find the one which resonates with your mind and how you feel productive. Have several drafts made of a single event timeline and compare them with each other. Some will definitely stand out more than the others and you will find the perfect fit for you. The right timeline will help you be more productive and on top of things, so take your time when choosing the right draft.

What Should Be On The Timeline?

A timeline is the consolidation of different activities which need to be done before, during, and after the event. It is like a thorough guide that helps to steer the event in the right direction and on time, hence the name, timeline. This timeline will show all of the things that need to be done before the execution of the event and helps you to reach certain deadlines with a smooth pace.

Set The Responsibilities Too

If you want to make a timeline more thorough, then you can insert the different responsibilities of different vendors and people up until the event is executed. Try to incorporate this element in your timeline because this will help in better understanding of the timeline and what people are supposed to do during the event.

Having a section for the different responsibilities will ensure that all people are accounted for and they have some sort of tasks assigned to them. This will make the entire team more productive and things will go according to your set plan and at a quicker pace.

Have A Backup Plan Ready

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan for your event, if things go wrong at any time. It’s a better thing to do if you have a backup plan set and ready to roll if things don’t work out the way you anticipated with the current timeline. You can’t be stuck with no plan, otherwise you will be losing precious time, and that is not a good way to go. A backup plan will have similar deadlines and content, but things will have a different approach and will go at a quicker pace.


There you have it! Now you know everything there is to know about making the perfect and simple timeline for your event. You may now need to book corporate tents rentals Northern VA and other vendors to ensure everything goes as planned. Good luck!

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