A lot of women have brown hair, and they can have a hard time deciding what type of color to go for, if they are considering doing a balayage. Some go to hair extension salons and get colored extensions while some like to color their real hair. Well, here are some amazing balayage color combinations which are a popular for women with brown hair.

Red And Brown Balayage

If you want to be a little daring and have some fun with the fiery color red, then why not tone it down with a balayage. You will get an amazing gradient of brown and red balayage and it will not look as striking as a solid red color, but you will still get that signature redhead look, which everybody loves.

A red and brown balayage will tone down the fierce tones of red and the look becomes very much wearable and somber. Try it out and see for yourself.

Chocolate Brown Balayage

A brown on brown balayage never hurts anyone and what’s more better than a different yet indulgent shade of brown like a chocolate brown. If you have darker or even light brown hair color, you can bring a beautiful transition in balayage with the addition of chocolate brown.

The wisps of chocolate all throughout your hair will give a beautiful look to your hair and when the sunlight hits your hair, it will look like a thing of beauty. Just go a couple shades darker or lighter than your natural brown color and go for a chocolate undertone.

Platinum And Brown Balayage

If you want to bring back the jazzy hair vibes, then try Platinum balayage with your brown hair. This is a great and harmonious blend of two colors that are worlds apart. Platinum will bring that edge to your soft brown hair, while the brown color will tone down the boldness of the Platinum hair color and together, it will be a match made in the hair heaven. It looks very distinct and unique and you will be surprised at how wearable and sober it looks. You will want to try Platinum with everything once you try this balayage combination.

Blonde Brown Balayage

If you are going for a more beachy and sun kissed look, then blonde is the way to go. Blonde is a beautiful color and if you match it perfectly with brown hair, it will look gorgeous as ever. You will be surprised at how prominent it looks when the light hits your blonde and brown balayage, it will look like a bronze dream.

A lot of women tend to go for blonde and brown combinations, but something about a balayage is what sets the bar high and the look is more mesmerizing and beautiful than any other hair coloring technique.

Bronze Balayage

Bronze balayage is also a great option for brown hair. Bronze and brown have similar yet very distinct undertones, so it looks very good when you combine the two colors together. The peek of bronze through your brown hair will look very beautiful and you will get tons of compliments on the color combination.

Bronze is not a common hair color so it can be a little hard to get the desired result you want, but the right hair colorist will make the job easy like a piece of cake. It also looks amazing when different lights hit the color.

Rose Gold And Brown Balayage

Rose gold has been a favorite color for a lot of people. So, why not incorporate it in balayage? Brown and rose gold complement each other a lot and the coolness of the rose red and the warmth of the gold really adds to your plain brown hair. It is a very unique hair color combination and it will definitely turn heads, but it is also very wearable and habitable with other hair colors. It looks good with any hair color as long as you get the undertones and intensity of the rose gold just perfect.

Final Word

There you have it! Now you have a good selection of colors to choose from for your next hair coloring appointment to a balayage hair salon Bethesda. So, what are you waiting for?

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