A deep fryer is one of the most important commercial appliances. Restaurants specializing in fast food products make use of deep fryers on a daily basis to cook and fry foods. However, these machines can be a bit daunting in terms of cleaning and maintenance. They need commercial appliances repair technicians for repairs. So, let’s look at some popular deep fryers along with how you can maintain them for effortless frying for years to come.

Tube-Style Deep Fryer

The first popular type is the tune style fryer which is usually used for bread and other types of foods that leave a lot of sediment at the bottom of the fryer. The reason they are called tube-style deep fryers is that they consist of tubes that run along the bottom as well as through the coil, offering better heat transfer and distribution.

Restaurants prefer using this type of fryer as they offer the best overall versatility. However, the downside to tube-style deep fryers is that they are relatively difficult to clean due to the many tubes and pieces. This is why it is important to ensure that the fryer is provided professional care regularly to increase its lifespan.

Open Pot Fryer

Open pot fryers when compared to the tube style deep fryers are comparatively easier to clean and maintain as they do not consist of tubes or burners. Plus, these fryers are identified by their V-shaped bottom, which makes their ‘cold zone’ a bit smaller than the traditional restaurant fryers. These fryers are used to fry frozen foods or fries.

In addition to that, open pot fryers experience fewer failures as the heating element is present outside the oil pot. However, the downside to it is that open pot fryers are less energy efficient. But in terms of maintenance, they take the lead from Flat Bottom fryers or Tube Style fryers.

Flat Bottom Fryer

Flat bottom fryers are identified by their long rectangular shape with the heating elements installed right under the fry pot. These types of fryers are mostly used by food trucks or concession stands as they are designed to fry battered foods such as funnel cakes or fish.

Furthermore, flat bottom fryers do not have a cold zone and don’t require hand-held baskets. And since there isn’t any cold zone, the sediment from the foods falls to the bottom of the fryer that continues to cook as well, posing a threat of a fire hazard.

Common Deep Fryer Repair And Maintenance Problems

Weak Baffles In Tube Style Deep Fryers

As mentioned earlier, tube-style deep fryers consist of tubes that run along the bottom and through the hot air to allow heat transfer and distribution. These tubes contain baffles, which are metal pieces towards which the burners are aimed. Baffles contain small holes that allow proper airflow.

These baffles tend to weaken over time and will result in excessive heat levels. As a result, the oil may burn, causing the food items to burn as well.

Lack Of Cleaning & Overall Deterioration

Deep fryers are used throughout the day in commercial restaurants, which can make them very messy and oily. That said, it is important that deep fryers are thoroughly cleaned and maintained to not only improve the lifespan but also maintain the overall food quality.

Some restaurants tend to use the same oil for several days until replacing it. Not only does it affect the food quality but also leads to stubborn grime and oil accumulation, which impedes the performance of the unit. Therefore, instead of saving up on oil, you should be concerned about increasing the longevity of the machine as it costs a lot more.

Clogged Burner

Burners are the lifeline of deep fryers. They are solely responsible for heating the oil until it reaches the right temperature to properly cook food. However, the burners sometimes get clogged as well if maintenance is neglected or ignored.

If you notice that your deep fryer is receiving proper gas but the burners are not heating properly, this might be the issue. In this case, you will need to call a professional to rectify the issue.

Final Word

In the end, regardless of the type, restaurant deep fryers need regular inspections and maintenance to keep problems at bay. The inspections and maintenance should always be carried out by a deep fryer repair DC expert who ensures the trouble-free functioning of the fryers.

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