You may have heard from interior design experts what should be done when a bathroom is being remodeled. But have they ever told you about the things which you should not do for bathroom remodeling? Probably not. If you are planning on a bathroom remodel then do not do the things listed below.

Do Not Ignore The Ventilation

You have remodeled your bathroom making each and everything ultra-luxury and high-end. You are proud of the result but oh no! Did you put an exhaust fan or a window for ventilation? Your bathroom is a place that has most of the bad odors and the odors stay there due to moisture and water. If there is no chance of ventilation or air renewal then the moisture can lead to mildew and mold growth in your bathroom. The bad smells will also linger in the bathroom which can get disturbing.

Do Not Cram Too Much

Another thing you do is put everything in your bathroom all once without taking the leftover space into account and the comfort of your bathroom. Too many fixtures, sanitary, and cabinets can get overpowering and your bathroom looks haphazard. So, make you keep ample space around for movements.

Do Not Replace And Change Everything

Many of you tend to change and replace everything when you are remodeling your bathroom. Why not save your hard-earned money when you can utilize your previous stuff. Such as you can paint and renew your cabinets rather than make new ones. You can utilize the same mirror with a new frame. Other than that, you can renovate and reuse many of the old stuff.

Do Not Ignore The Quality Of Materials

Renovation projects can surely get expensive. People tend to buy the cheapest stuff while remodeling when they compare stuff with prices. Surely, price should be taken into consideration but it should not be the only criterion while selecting the bathroom stuff.

Quality stuff will last you a long time and give better value for your money while cheap stuff will last a short time and again you will have to spend on new stuff. So, look for quality along with affordability.

Do Not Ignore The Lighting

Lighting is another thing that is completely ignored in bathroom remodeling. You do your makeup, fix your hair, check your facial features, shave and trim your beard and whatnot and things could take a bad turn when lighting is not on point.

Bad lighting can make your bathroom look dark, uncomfortable, and congested. Also, there should be a mixture of dim and bright lights to cater to your moods. Bright lights in your bathroom can also feel uncomfortable to your eyes.

Do Not Exceed The Budget

The biggest mistake you make is not making a budget for your bathroom remodel or making a budget and not sticking to it. This will lead to extreme expenditures and the cost of your bathroom remodel may equal constructing a new bathroom. Always stick to the budget and not go overboard but look for the best bargains in good quality and try to utilize as much stuff as you can.

Not Creating A Coordinated Look

While remodeling, you tend to get over-excited and you want to do everything at once. This way you tend to lose coordination, symmetry, and flow. Your bathroom will look cluttered and messy and it will seem as if you are trying to put everything all together. Follow a theme and similar color coordination and patterns and your bathroom should look new, relaxing, and inviting.

Do Not Miss Out The Storage

Your bathroom is everything that you ask for in design, pattern, color, and quality, but the problem is, it looks cluttered. You should have proper storage spaces in your bathroom to neatly place the accessories and your everyday essentials and also to cater to the dirty clothes. This way your bathroom will look neat, clean, and well organized. Your storage spaces should not be put together but should according to the area.


Now you can start with your bathroom remodeling and not avoid the above-listed points and use the suggestions of bathroom remodelers Silver Spring as they will help you in creating your dream bathroom.

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