Are you not sure if your heat pump is working properly or not? This is a simple guide to know if your heat pump is working correctly or not and should you need heating service repair.  There are certain basic checks that can tell you if your heat pump is working properly or not. You can simply check the following things yourself.

Improper Heating Or Cooling

The very first thing that tells you if your heat pump is working properly or not is the heating or air conditioning malfunction. You switch on your indoor unit and wait for it to cool or heat the room, but there is no effect even after a long time. This is the time to get worried. The outdoor unit is not working properly. If the heat pump is not working well, it will not produce sufficient heating or cooling. Therefore, you should check this thing first. The possible problems might be:

  • Fan blades not working well, moving but not at the right revolution speed.
  • A malfunctioned electric circuit in the outdoor unit.
  • Any possible leakage in the duct pipes or the delivery pipes.

So, you should not ignore these signs as the main function of a heat pump is to generate hot or cold air and supply it to the user for comfort.

Noisy Outdoor Unit

The foremost thing that tells you if your heat pump is working properly is the outdoor unit’s sound. Everyone knows about the regular sound of the outdoor unit. If the unit is not working properly, it will create a lot of weird noises from the fan blades. Even if the other components are not working well, a bad sound might be coming out of the outdoor unit. This is the basic check if the outdoor unit is working properly or not. The noisy outdoor unit can be fixed using many different methods.

High Energy Bills

You can check if you are receiving more than the usual energy bills. Regular energy consumption and specific bill range is normal for a properly-functioning heat pump. However, if you are getting high energy bills for the same amount of energy consumption, there is something to be worried about. You should check your heat pump if it is working correctly or not. It is quite probable that it is using more than the normal electricity, due to a faulty coil or an impaired electrical circuit.

Improper Air Flow

The air flow to the heat pump should be free and sufficient. However, the heat pump will not work properly if the flow is not smooth or the flow is disrupted due to some issues. The ducts might be having small or major leakages; the pipes might be worn out or impaired.

As long as the air flow is good, your heat pump would mostly work well. Therefore, you should check very carefully if the air flow is adequate and the blades are working properly according to the desired design speed.

Strange Smells

The air conditioning outdoor unit should not give off bad smells. If it is giving off a bad smell then it is the point to worry. If there is some leakage of the refrigerating liquid, there will be a foul smell. If there is some smell due to the burning of the coils or sparks in the coils, you should check for it.

A foul smell is always a direct indicator of whether your heat pump is working properly or not. The strange smells should never be ignored at any cost. The exhaust duct in the room from where the cold or hot air enters might be throwing a foul smell. This foul smell can cause you breathing problems or general discomfort.

The Outdoor Blower Not Working

If the outdoor blower is not working then it is time to fix it by calling a heat pump repair service Long Island. If the blower has stopped working, you should check proper electrical connections. The blower might not be getting enough power supply. If the blower has completely stopped, it might burden or malfunction the indoor unit or vents as well. Therefore, you should carefully figure out if your heat pump is working or not.

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