There are many types of whole house water filtration systems. One of the most recent and efficient ones is water ionization. Here is everything you need to know about a water ionizer and its health benefits.

What Is A Water Ionizer?

A water ionizer is a type of water filter that is used to purify water. The technique involved in ionization is the increase of pH of regular water, by making it more alkaline in nature. This is done by electrolysis, in which the incoming water and its acidic compounds are separated and exchanged for basic ions.

Alkaline water is good for your health, especially if you have a weak stomach or are avoiding acidic things due to whatever reason. Although water is neutral in nature, it can be slightly acidic for most people’s liking. So, making it alkaline through a water ionizer is a great thing to do.

Why Use A Water Ionizer?

Here are some profound health benefits of using a water ionizer.

Great For Stomach Ulcers

If you are someone who suffers from regular ulcers or has problems digesting acidic foods, then alkaline water is a great option to go for. Using a water ionizer will help to get rid of the acidic components in your body and it will maintain the pH in your system as well as your bloodstream. Your stomach will also feel comfortable consuming alkaline water.

Can Help Prevent Cancer

Free radicals are what cause cancer and other cell abnormalities. Free radicals can be eliminated from the body through alkaline water. It has been found through various studies that alkaline water can help to eliminate free radicals from the body, which in turn, could lead to better overall health and less probability of cancer.

Although there has been no study on alkaline water destroying cancer cells or cancer in metastasis, it is still quite good for your health, since it maintains your body’s natural pH and prevents the fluids in your body from getting acidic, which might also be another cause of free radicals.

A Healthy Heart

Did you know that alkaline water can also improve your heart health? Free radicals don’t only cause cancer but they also compromise your heart. Alkaline water helps to keep your heart healthy and it also maintains the beating pattern steady and normal. Alkaline water also helps to lower the clogging of the arteries, which is mostly caused by cholesterol or fat accumulation.

The clogging of the main arteries can cause atheroma. Alkaline ionized water helps to prevent this from occurring and even if it does occur, this water can help reduce the further growth of this clot further.

See A Difference In Your Skin

Drinking ionized alkaline water will lead to significant improvement in your skin. If you suffer from severe acne or pigmentation, then alkaline water is your best friend in order to get clear and healthy skin. Water is already good for your skin, but alkaline water flushes out the toxins and other harmful acidic components from your body, which could lead to the formation of pimples on the skin, and give you plump, healthy, smooth, and clear skin in the long run.

If you have very bad skin, then you should try incorporating alkaline ionized water into your diet and you will see the difference for yourself.

Better Digestion

Last but not least, if you have good stomach health, then it will lead to better digestion and bowel movements. If you are suffering from indigestion and have no idea what to do, then try incorporating alkaline ionized water into your daily diet. This is going to make your stomach less upset and it will lead to better digestion.

This is because the alkaline water helps to get rid of the acidity in the stomach, which is the main culprit of indigestion and stomach issues, leading to a healthy and happy stomach.


There you have it! A water ionizer is great for your health and it also gives you clean and pure water whenever you need it. If you want an effective water filtration system Erie that purifies most contaminants in water and doesn’t have any major side effects, choose a water ionizer.

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