Main sewer line getting collapsed is seriously a nightmare. Your house toilets or sinks getting clogged maybe a pain but nothing compared to when sewerage lines happen to get damaged. Fixing a collapsed sewerage line can put a huge dent on your wallet but you have no choice in the matter, as you will not be able to drain anything. Luckily, the signs of a collapsed or a sewer line going bad are obvious. Before we start with discussing the signs, let us tell you beforehand that one should always have  contact information of nearby sewerage cleaning companies because you are going to face issues related to sewerage at least once in your lifetime..

Frequent Back Ups

The first sign of a collapsed sewer line is frequent back ups. When backups occur, the toilet will throw up all the wastewater on your bathroom floor. You might think of calling the plumber but the fact of the matter is that frequent back ups taking place especially in the lower region of your house indicates that you have either a clogged or a collapsed sewerage line.

Sewerage lines in the basement happen to be closest to the main sewer line. The water coming from drains converges into main sewer line and if the pipe happens to be collapsed or clogged, then the water will have nowhere to go. Hence, the frequent back ups.

More Than One Fixture Clogs

The main sewer line getting clogged or damaged will affect all the drains as well. If the water has nowhere to go, it can result in multiple fixtures and back ups. For instance, if you are taking a bath and noticed that the toilet water is bubbling, it could be a sign that water or air is rushing into the toilet. It could then lead to your toilet, bathroom sink and bath drains not draining the water properly. In such cases, plunging the toilet is not going to work. The collapsed pipe will slowly drain the water or not at all.

Whether it is a commercial or residential issue, you need a plumber to inspect the pipe using a camera. The location is a crucial factor when it comes to determining the actual cost of the fix. There could be many reasons such as corrosion or even tree roots growing into the pipe and breaking it. Since everything is happening underground, it will take a tremendous amount of effort to either replace or repair the pipe.

Plumbing Having a Mind of Its Own

In case of a sewer line collapsing, it shall affect your drains in both surprising and disturbing ways. The drain pipes in your home is a complicated network of connections, bends and turns. When the sewer line is clogged, it shall emit strange sounds, odors or even bubble up. If the toilet water starts bubbling up, you might want to run the bathroom faucet for a while and see if it continues. Water going down the drain shall also sometimes produce gurgling sound, which shall assure you that something isn’t right.

In some cases, you shall also be able to observe and smell odor coming from the drains. This is because the waste and water are not being drained properly so the odor comes rushing back. This is not only going to be disgusting but also pose a health hazard for the family. Therefore, getting it fixed as soon as possible will prevent any serious diseases from taking place.

Lawn is Constantly Soaked

Since the main sewer line happens to be outside, in case of it collapsing or being clogged, it shall result in soaking up your entire lawn. Whenever you wash dishes or use water for washing your car, the water will go down the drain and once it reaches the collapsed area, the soil will absorb the water, ultimately soaking the surrounding dirt as well. This is the reason you will see that the collapsed area has a section of the lawn above that is totally soaked.

In the end, sewer lines getting clogged or collapsed is pretty normal but getting them repaired or fixed isn’t. You may have thought that it was just a minor leak but you won’t know it until someone takes a thorough look. This is where you can call up the local drain cleaning companies Bergen to manage your part of the headache.

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