Talking about inexpensive countertop materials, Corian and faux granite countertops are very affordable materials. Moreover, Corian is quite reminiscent of marble, quartz and granite. Here is how you need to clean Corian countertops.

Clean The Spills Immediately

With all countertops, it should be a no brainer, that you should immediately clean all types of spills on the spot. Some materials are quite porous and they can instantly absorb the water or any liquid present on the surface. Corian countertops are no different either. You need to clean the spill right away. You can easily clean the spill with a tissue paper and call it a day.

Since Corian countertops are light in color, and any stain or spill can be easily seen on the surface, you need to make sure that you are cleaning the surfaces properly and regularly. This will prevent spills and stains from becoming permanent, thus, making it hard for you to clean afterwards. So, whatever you do, make sure you make cleaning your Corian countertops a priority. This will only make things easier for you.

The Type Of Cleaners Used For Corian Countertops

For cleaning your Corian countertops, you can use any sort of cleaning solution you want. You can go for ammonia based cleaners, you can go for cleaners which are used to clean quartz countertops. Any cleaner will work fine for Corian countertops as well. If the stain is not removed by simple soap and water, then you should try an ammonia based cleaner. This will remove the stain as well as make the countertop look more clean.

Ammonia based cleaners will also bring out the whiteness more in Corian countertops. Also, cleaners used to clean quartz countertops, can be used to clean Corian countertops as well. They work just as great as any other cleaner and will get the job done too.

Regular soap and water doesn’t normally remove stains from the countertops, which are extremely light in color. So, using a targeted stain removing cleaner is the way to go when cleaning light colored countertops. One swipe and the stain will vanish.

Don’t Put Hot Pans On The Surface For Too Long

Corian countertops are known to be quite resistant to heat and impact. They are quite strong and durable and great for kitchens where there is a lot of human traffic. But, no matter how much heat resistant one material is, you don’t want to test the material to its limit. Make sure that you are not putting any hot pans and pots directly on the surface of the countertop. This will damage your countertops over time.

Although, initially, you will feel as though nothing will happen if you put hot pans on the surface, but over time, the material will become weaker and weaker, and ultimately one day, it will be destroyed. So, keep this mind and always handle your countertops with care. Just because it is resistant to a lot of things, doesn’t mean you can test it to the limit.

Cleaning Tools

Keep your cleaning tools simple, when it comes to Corian countertops. All you really need is a wet washcloth or a microfiber cloth. You don’t need any fancy scrappers, scrubbing equipment, etc. to clean the countertops. Keeping it simple will make the countertop last longer and it won’t damage as much over time. Scrubbing and scraping will give rise to scratches on the surface, which look very obvious on a light colored countertop.

How To Keep The Surface Shiny?

Corian sometimes have a shiny surface. To obtain and retain that, you will need to apply a Corian polish on it. The polish can be applied after the surface has been buffed with a microfiber cloth. Then the polish will adhere to the surface better. The shine lasts for almost a decade, if it is maintained properly and it looks gorgeous. Buffing the surface beforehand, gets rid of any small stains and scratches that are small and gives a clean and smooth finish.

There you go! With these tips, you will be left with clean countertops, which won’t require more extensive cleaning. If your countertop is too old, you should go to a countertop replacement NC company to get a new countertop installed.

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