People have long been obsessing over balayage and that is why balayage services have come up with more variations to balayage. There’s a whole lot of ideas revolving around balayage, and you can bank on one of them to give your hair a real treat.

Medium Hair With Multi-Color Balayage

You can get an interesting blend of colors for your medium hair. There’s no need to choose one specific color for balayage, you can opt for a multitude of colors when you’re at a hair coloring salon. It would be a bit off-beat but also a unique view to see for people noticing it.

Brown Hair With Ash-Blonde Balayage

Ash-blonde is one of the most popular subcategories of blonde, people like it more than the regular blonde. Ash-blonde looks great on brown hair and that’s why hair stylists often recommend ash-blonde balayage to people with naturally brown locks.

Shaggy Lob With A Subtle Balayage

When you are getting balayage done, you must also look around for a haircut that suits your balayage-d hair best. Shaggy lob with curtain bangs is going to suit tremendously with a subtle balayage. You’re never going to regret it if you ditto this combination.

Chocolate Brown Balayage For Black Hair

When you already have dark black hair, it is not necessary that you get balayage in a light color, you can also contrast your black hair with another dark shade, for example, chocolate brown color. Both these shades of the same intensity and profundity are going to create an excellent combination which is sure to attract many gazes.

Metallic Bronde Balayage

If you want lustrous locks that make you shine like a star, you should try something like a metallic bronde balayage. It would fulfill your desire to have an off-beat hair color and give you a splendid overall look.

Chocolate Brown And Caramel Balayage

There are so many people interested in giving their hair a caramel shade, do you know what could make it even better? A blend of chocolate brown and caramel. Both colors are not poles apart but they’re still not the same. Hence, a blend of two similar colors can give your hair a barely seen sun-kissed look.

Golden Blonde Balayage With A Bob Haircut

Golden blondes would look best sided with a bob haircut — both these things complement each other a lot. Long hair is not the key for balayage, balayage does look great on short hair too. So, you better not undermine this amazing combination considering the length of hair it suggests. Try to go for something that amazes people in one sight instead of following the old-school themes.

Copper And Beige Balayage For Medium Hair

Blends always look gorgeous when it comes to balayage highlights, no matter what the length and texture of your hair is. Copper seems to be the favorite in town and beige is also rife, and what if you combine the two instead of choosing one over the other? It would be whopping great.

Radiant Light Brown Balayage With Dark Brown Hair

If you already possess brown hair, nothing could suit it more than the lighter version of the same color. Two browns make a great amalgamation, and it can even win a people’s choice award for best color combination. Just kidding.

Suffice to say, people’s compliments are also no less than any award, you win praises from friends and acquaintances, you make your haters be envious of you.

Silver-Gray Balayage With An Ombre Touch

Brown, blonde, caramel etc — these are all cliched colors you would see a lot of people going after. Well, those people opt for these conventional colors simply because they wanna play safe, and they don’t want people to raise an eyebrow and call them cheeky. You, my friend, are born to stand out and break all the conventions, therefore, go for a silver-gray combo without giving it a second thought.

Besides, you can ask your colorist to focus a little more on the lower strands to give it an ombre touch.

Ash-Brown Balayage — Subtle-Toned And Light

Ash-brown balayage is as popular as ash-blonde balayage which is something you read about earlier. If you want to underplay your new hair color to avoid all that jibber-jabber about it, get something done from your balayage salon Olney MD that only looks miniscule but feels light and subtle too.

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