Commercial refrigerators are hardcore machines that help with storing and keeping a huge amount of food fresh at the same time. These machines work throughout the day and sometimes can run into problems that require immediate fixes. This is where you may need to perform commercial refrigerators repairs. We are going to share some common commercial refrigeration issues and how to deal with them.

No Power

Commercial refrigerators hardly ever malfunction without giving any sign or symptom but that does not mean it is impossible. There have been cases where restaurant owners walked in to find out that their refrigerator was simply not responding let alone functioning.

This could be a frustrating issue especially if your business relies on the unit. However, there is no need to panic. The first thing you need to do is check the main power supply. Check the main power cord for cracks or damage. If the unit is old, there is a chance the main power chord needs replacement.

If that does not solve the issue, try plugging the refrigerator into another power socket. At the same time, check the circuit breaker for any blown fuse. Circuit breakers are smart enough to shut off the power supply to electronic appliances if there is a power surge.

This safety feature helps prevent damage worth thousands of dollars. Plus, make sure the wires are not tangled, damaged, or pressed against the wall. Power cords and wires tend to crack or damage if they are stressed. This will not allow sufficient electricity to pass and won’t let your refrigerator run.

High Temperatures

As mentioned earlier, commercial refrigerators are designed to keep food fresh. However, if you notice the food going bad or the unit itself feeling too warm, it means something is causing a problem. You should check the location of the refrigerator.

Refrigerators need to be installed/placed a few feet away from the commercial appliances that generate heat. The reason is that refrigerators also produce heat and need a proper dissipation channel. If the unit is placed near a gas oven, do not be surprised if your refrigerator does not function normally.

In this case, the heat produced by the nearby appliance will affect the refrigerator and cause its temperature to increase as well. Furthermore, check the condenser coils as well. These coils help dissipate heat.

But with time, dirt and dust accumulation prevents the process. If the situation is left ignored, you will have to replace the due to constant stress.

Another possible reason your refrigerator is raising the temperature is due to a malfunctioning thermostat. If you have an aftermarket thermostat, check its batteries and replace them. You should also try cleaning it if its upper lid can be opened. However, if the issue persists, replace the thermostat.

However, if the thermostat is built-in, it might need calibration. Keep in mind that a thermostat serves as the brain of the refrigerator. It keeps track of the inside temperature and sends signals to the thermostat to increase or decrease the temperature.

Plus, it could also be that the thermostat is blocked by inventory. If food items are stacked against the thermostat, it will not be able to read the temperature properly.

Air Leakage Issues

Although commercial refrigerators are meant to last several years before needing a replacement, some unexpected problems can occur. Maintenance is key to ensuring that the major components continue working effortlessly but some parts still might need replacement.

Fortunately, these parts are easy to identify, inspect and replace. For instance, commercial refrigerators run into leakage issues as well. These leakages could be air or water-related. If there is an air leakage, you will need to check the door gasket. This gasket or seal is the part that creates a seal between the door and the wall or body of the refrigerator.

If the unit is old, the gaskets and seals might have developed cracks that are fairly easy to spot. Sometimes, the leakage could be so small that it goes unnoticed. So, the best way is to turn your fingers over the seals or gasket to identify an air leak.

Air leaks might be small but cause a huge difference. They can impact the temperature inside your commercial refrigerator or freezer. The primary purpose of the gaskets and seals is to prevent outside air from entering inside. So, if you happen to identify a leak, you can purchase an exact replacement from the manufacturer and install it yourself or hire a walk in cooler repair Springfield technician to do this for you.

Maintenance Issues

Considering the fact that commercial refrigerators work all days and weeks without any day off, they need proper maintenance to keep working smoothly. Then again, this is yet another commonly ignored factor among restaurant owners. They believe they can save money by training your staff and maintaining the unit every month on their own.

While this is possible to a certain extent, commercial refrigerators need professionals to look after them as well. If you consult the user manual, the manufacturer must have suggested annual expert maintenance.

This is because cleaning from the outside and inside is fairly easy. However, when it comes to checking and accessing the important parts and areas of the refrigerator, you need someone who has the skills and experience to perform the task.

Checking the refrigerant levels, and inspecting the major components for damages requires special tools. If you expect your employees to do it, there is going to be a high risk associated with electrocution or damaging a component in the process.

Professional maintenance helps avoid major complications, especially during business hours. The last thing you want is your customers waiting for their meals while the food comes out rotten just because it was not maintained for a long time.

Such easily preventable issues can cause a lot of damage to a successfully running business in terms of reputation. Therefore, instead of thinking of saving money, invest in professional maintenance to protect your investment for years to come.

Compressor Problems

The compressor of a commercial refrigerator or freezer moves the refrigerant throughout the unit. When the compressor turns on, it produces a slight clicking sound. However, if you hear unusual sounds while the refrigerator is running, it might indicate a problem with the compressor.

Compressors are tough components but with time they will experience some problems too. You might be able to fix the issue by replacing the components. But if the unit is old, the compressor might need replacement.

Furthermore, low refrigerant levels can also damage the compressor. In case of refrigerant leakage, the compressor will work harder than usual to compensate for the loss. This will result in unnecessary stress that will eventually damage the compressor for good.

Keep in mind that compressors are not cheap. If it is under warranty, take it to the manufacturer and discuss what can be done. They may provide a replacement. If your commercial refrigerator is not under warranty, you will need to pay for the replacement.


Troubleshooting commercial refrigeration units is difficult. Make sure that you regularly clean the unit and schedule periodic professional maintenance as well. Only hire trustworthy commercial refrigerator services Alexandria for maintenance and repairs. This is the best way to prevent expensive repairs and replacements just when you need the unit the most.

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