If you have a commercial dishwasher which is not cleaning properly, this can be a huge headache for your restaurant. That is because commercial dishwashers are required to be functioning properly at all the times to keep your restaurant operations going smoothly. There are lots of different reasons why your commercial dishwasher might not be cleaning properly and many times, a commercial dishwasher repairs technician is needed for inspection.

So, if your commercial dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes properly, you should inspect it thoroughly before calling an expert. In this article, we will provide you with most of the commonly applied repair techniques used to repair commercial dishwashers when they are not working properly.

The Dishwasher Is Dirty From Inside

Since commercial dishwashers are regularly used to clean dishes, it is more likely for them to build up grease and dirty sticky material in the long run. So, if you noticed that your dishwasher is not cleaning properly, you should clean the appliance first, and then again to see if the problem gets fixed.

If the dishwasher is slightly dirty from the inside, you can try running an empty vinegar cycle to properly clean it. You can find lots of tips to clean your commercial dishwasher from the inside by yourself.

The Filter Is Dirty

Usually, old commercial dishwashers come with a self-cleaning filter which divides the food into smaller particles and washes it away easily. However, most of the modern commercial dishwashers come with a removable filter which you can easily take out and clean by hand before putting it back into the dishwasher.

These filters need to be taken out from the dishwasher manually while following your manufacturer’s instructions whenever you want to clean the filter. Keep in mind that you can use hot water to remove the stuck grease in the filter, and can keep it soaked in hot water for several minutes if there seems to be some grease stuck in that filter.

The Spray Arm Isn’t Working Properly

Spray arms do their work by spraying high speed water above and below the dishes placed in the racks of your commercial dishwasher. Over time, small holes used to spray water in the spray arms can get clogged because of the impurities in the water. This makes it difficult for the spray arm to properly spray water on the dishes. These arms can usually be detached from your commercial dishwasher, and you can easily clean them to increase the water being used in one dishwashing cycle. You can use any brush and toothpick to open the stuck holes in the spray arm. After cleaning the spray arm, you can use hot water to rinse it properly.

Problems With Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers are used to supply enough quantity of soap in every wash cycle of your commercial dishwasher. Any type of problem with the soap dispenser can cause it to stop the supply of soap in washing cycles, and can make them less effective. So, if the soap dispenser of your commercial dishwasher is looking stock, you should use a small brush to properly clean it.

If you see any residue building up on the soap dispenser, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to properly clean the residue. If anything seems broken in the soap dispenser, you will have to properly replace it to make your commercial dishwasher work properly. Whenever you inspect your commercial dishwasher for problems, you should also inspect the gasket of the soap dispenser, and should replace it if it does not seem to be working properly.

The Water Is Colder

As a rule of thumb, the water used in your dishwasher should at least be at 120°F for the dishwasher to work properly. Usually, your water heater is responsible for all the heating, and some modern dishwashers are capable of boosting the heated water to the required temperature as well. However, not every dishwasher has this function available, and you should make sure that your water is at the right temperature when entering the dishwasher.

If the water used in the dishwashing cycles seems to be cold, then you should let the kitchen faucet run for a few seconds before starting the washing cycle in your commercial dishwasher. Furthermore, for finding the issue and repairing it properly, call in commercial appliances repair Fairfax services.

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