No matter how hard we try, we cannot get over with hair that keeps getting frizzier. Of all the products available in the drugstore, none seems to work. So what exactly are the reasons that make your hair frizzy and is going to a hair straightening salon the only option?

Reason 1: Humidity

Humidity is, without a doubt, the number one reason behind frizzy hair. Most hair experts equal humidity with frizz. When your hair is dry, the cuticles and shafts all get dry. When the air is humid, your external shaft will absorb it, causing it to swell and frizz. This problem can be tamed partially by using anti-frizz sprays.

Reason 2: Using Sulfate-Based Products

Sulfate is a detergent used in most shampoos. This sulfate is notorious for stripping the hair of its natural oils, making it dry and frizzy. You will have to do a little market research because many drug stores stock shampoos that are essentially sulfate-free.

Reason 3: Using Alcohol-Based Products

Most styling products contain alcohol, which plays havoc with the moisture balance of your hair. Alcohol absorbs the moisture from your hair, making it dull and frizzy in the long run.

Tackle this problem easily with the help of hair oils and styling crèmes. They will make your hair shiny, healthier, and make the styling easy.

Reason 4: Washing Hair With Hot Water

Sitting in a Jacuzzi or sauna works miracles for your skin. But you cannot treat your hair the way you treat your skin. Though, you can replenish skin’s lost hydration by creams and oils; hair moisture is not restored that easily.

Therefore, if your hair is prone to frizz, turn the heat off when you wash them.

Reason 5: Keeping Your Fingers In

Another reason why your hair is getting frizzy may be because you are touching them too often.  More so if your hands are damp, the frizz will be persistent. Playing too much with hair causes the curls or waves to lose their definition making them frizzy.

Use your styling products while your hair is still wet in the shower. This way you will not disturb the waves or curling patterns of the hair. After that, allow your hair to air dry. If you need to heat dry your hair, minimize the use of your fingers in your hair.

Reason 6: Using A Towel To Dry Your Hair

Though the idea of wrapping your hair in a turban is by far the easiest way to dry them. This procedure is not so friendly if your hair tends to frizz. The best way to dry hair is by allowing them to hang down naturally. By wrapping them up in a towel, you are going against the natural way. Your hair will stand up and frizz upon drying.

Invest in a microfiber towel. It will gently absorb moisture from your hair. Just blot your hair with it. Do not rub the towel against your hair.

Reason 7: Over Usage Of Hot Tools

Hot irons, blow dryers, and curling irons deteriorate the hair over time. Especially if your hair is frizzy, you will witness this dilemma sooner than later. The heat from these tools dry hair shafts and cuticles making them frizzier.

Always use a thermal protecting spray before using heat styling tools. The thermal protecting spray will protect your hair by forming a protective barrier.

Just like investing in microfiber towels, people with frizzy hair should invest in ionic blow dryers too. These ionic blow-dryers produce natural negative ions to soothe hair cuticles.

Another way to protect your hair is to use the soothing nozzle of your heating tool. Also, use the tool in the direction of your hair that is from root to tip, not against it.

Reason 8: Brush Your Hair Only When Needed

If you are combing or brushing your hair often, you will only aggravate the frizz. Instead, try to leave them to air dry. Apply whatever product you want to your hair when they are wet, and then let them air dry.

These were just some reasons that make your hair frizzy and unmanageable. Avoiding them can make a big difference in your hair health. If you want super straight hair, head to a keratin treatment salon Rockville.

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