It is a widely observed fact that people love to take care of their engine and the outer body paint of their car, but the auto glass tinting do not receive any special care. Car windows are an integral part of car and they deserve attention much like any other auto part

Below down, we have compiled up a list of items you should know, before you decide to get an auto glass tinting.

Things to know about auto window tinting

How Is It Done?

Auto window tinting is done via contouring the film to a glass. This can be done by a heat gun. Always ensure that professional auto window tinting individuals may be hired to perform such a task, as this skill labor demands finesse.

If an unskilled individual is hired to do the job, he/she may leave scratches on the glass.

The quality of window film being used is important. Overtime, if one compares a cheap tint job, with a professional tint job, the cheap one will fade overtime and bubbles will be observed. It is recommended to use films of SunTech, 3M and Solar Gard since their window films come with a guarantee.

The Law

It is good to know about the law regarding window shades as it is illegal in some states. Consult state laws and then decide for yourself.


Price varies a lot in the world of car tinting. Window tinting can cost about $50 to $600 (These are standard rates) while if you opt for high performance colors with added ceramics, the cost price can range between $100 – $800 easily.

Protection from UV Rays

Auto glass tinting protects you from harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays. These UV rays come directly from sun but due to ozone depletion and increased usage of CFC’s in our society, these UV rays are becoming a cause of skin cancer.

Up to 99% UV rays are denied access to enter your car through your windows via latest technology of auto glass tinting.

Cooling of Car

Sunlight is composed of different wavelengths. A dark shaded tint blocks the high intensity rays and this keeps your car from heating up. Window tinting also keeps your car, safe from cracking and fading.


Everyone likes a touch of privacy, especially family people. No-one likes the eyes of perverts staring deep into your eyes, looking shamelessly at your family members. Car window tinting lets you enjoy the prestigious privilege of privacy.


Auto window tinting is an expensive luxury and that’s why its care should be of topmost priority. Some professional auto window tinting companies provide a lifetime warranty for window tinting.

In that way, even if your window tints change color or if bubbles try to sprout up and spoil the magnificent paint, you’ll have a warranty. Make sure to read all the conditions and regulations before you sign off the warranty document.

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