Ombre highlights; the new talk of the town. It is what every woman is sporting and carrying flawlessly. Gone are the days when there was only a single-color option as now, you can get balayage services and other similar treatments to get any style, look and color combination you want.

What Exactly Do Ombre Highlights Mean?

The word Ombre is French and its meaning is ‘shaded’. For hair, it means to paint your hair in a gradual pattern starting with dark roots and ending it off with lighter ends. It gives off a very bold look with complete definition and the difference between the light and dark colors visible. Initially, ombre highlights started with the basic brown, brunette, and blonde colors. Nowadays, it is a completely different story as different combinations of colors are used to create the ombre effect, such as blue, pink, purple, white, silver, ash and the list goes on. The technique, of course, remains intact with the dark roots gradually turning lighter towards the ends of the hair. It is two-toned or dual-shaded hair.

Ombre is great for women who are getting their hair dyed or highlighted for the first time as it is low maintenance. Also, you do not need to worry about root touch-ups or visible differences between natural hair and highlighted hair as the ombre hair has darker roots which do not show a stark hair growth line and blend well with the natural hair. Of course, if you have opted for a unique color combination then you will have to go for regular root touch-ups or you will have tri-colored hair.

Can Ombre Be Done On Curly Hair?

Yes of course! The new highlighting technique is very suitable and desirable for curly-haired women as much as they look good on straight-haired women. Many hair experts prefer to apply this innovative technique to curly hair because natural curls possess more volume, are more healthy, and have movement. Ombre highlights enhance the look of your curls by adding depth and definition and making them stand out.

Curly hair needs definition and hence ombre color is the perfect solution. No matter what type of curls you own, you will surely walk out of the salon with the best ombre hair. It adds depth to your curls, gives off a shine on each coil, and also makes your hair look fuller and healthier. Plus, it’s low maintenance, so your curly hairs will not be exposed to regular chemicals and dyes.

Which Ombre Hair Colors Look Best On Curly Hair?

Honestly, all colors. But if you have dark-colored naturally curly hair then opt for shades such as red, midnight blue, or silver, or if you are not that adventurous sort then opt for light browns, rose gold, and blonde. Ombre can be subtle or striking according to the color combination you choose. It all depends on the level of lightness you prefer in the color.

Choosing bold and vivid colors will make your curls stand out in the right places and the color will attract with every bounce and every move. However, if you want to change your look subtly, then light brown and blonde is your best friend. The best part about ombre highlights on curly hair is that there the line of demarcation is not visible. This is the line separating the two colors for the ombre effect.

Risks Associated With Curly Hair And Ombre Highlights

Curly hair although looking fuller and healthier on the front is fine and more prone to breakage. Curly hair needs more hydration as compared to straight hair. With the ombre highlighting technique, the ends become very light, which means that bleach is used for lighting purposes. Bleach is harsh on your hair and the ends are drier than the roots. So, you will need to take extra care of your curry hair after the highlights by giving them hydration and nourishment and weekly proteins and hair masks.


Gone are the days when you stepped in the salon with curls and stepped out with a sleek blow-dried look. Now hair stylists work on the natural pattern of the hair and enhance and do not disrupt your naturally curly hair. So go get your hair the ombre shade that you have admired for so long from a balayage salon Olney MD.

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