Sitting in front of the blazing flames of the fireplace on cold winter nights is a blessing in disguise. A mug of hot chocolate along with it is a cherry on top. But have you asked yourself how long will your chimney last or how to make your chimney work efficiently? Also when you should call in chimney cleaning services?

There are many questions which remain unanswered regarding the chimney, its efficiency and its cleaning services. Many of you think that chimney will work for a long time, after all there is only a fire burning. The number one cause of house fires in the USA is chimney/fireplace, where the people have lost their families and property both. The detailed article below will answer all your queries regarding chimney cleaning.

Why should I clean my chimney?

When you light up the fire in the chimney, it gives you warmth and protection both. It removes the toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and smoke out of the chimney opening. The smoke when travels up the chimney produces creosote and soot which is a black, sticky, tar type substance that settles on the internal walls of the chimney. Every time you use your chimney, the creosote gets accumulated to the extent that it blocks the smoke and gases and these gases come inside your homes. The chimney smoke and gases if inhaled in large amounts can even be fatal. Chimney cleaning removes the buildup of creosote, dust and ash.

How often should I clean my chimney?

You should clean your chimney according to the extent of usage. Generally chimney cleaning services should be availed annually. The chimney contractor will come and visually check your chimney internally and externally and remove all the chimney creosote, soot and other debris. This will be done by a chimney vacuum. But if your usage is extremely high then you can also get it done bi-annually.

What is a chimney inspection?

There are 3 levels of chimney inspection. The level 1 is basic chimney sweeping and chimney cleaning both externally and internally and it should be done on an annual basis. If the chimney cleaner finds any fault, leak, or crack in the internal and external components of the chimney then level 2 inspection is required.

A level 2 inspection is when the chimney contractor will thoroughly check the flue, the damper and internal walls of the chimney by going in the attic, the basement and the crawl area of the chimney and also by inserting a camera to properly check the hidden components and then will repair all the faults and cracks.

The level 3 inspection is a thorough and complete inspection which requires the disassembling of all the hidden components of the chimney.

When should I get my chimney inspected?

Many times there are changes in weather conditions and also certain natural calamities strike such as thunderstorm, extreme rain, snowfall or earthquake. These conditions can alter or damage the chimney. Chimney and wood burning fireplace inspection should be carried out ASAP after these conditions as failure to do so may cause inefficient working of the chimney which can be hazardous.

Also, chimney acts as a refuge for small animals and birds because it is warm and many of these animals make their homes and nests and rest in the chimney openings to escape the blistering winters. Also many leaves and twigs fall in the chimney opening in the autumn season. Sometimes dead birds and animals also fall in the chimney.

All these things can lead to blockages in the chimney and thereby inspection should be carried out annually to remove and clear the chimney of all these debris and obstructions. The contractor will tell you what level of inspection your chimney requires.

When is the best time to get my chimney cleaned?

The best time to get your chimney cleaned and inspected is the spring season, summer or late fall, basically just before the winter season to prepare your chimney for the winters.

What should I do for my chimney?

You should clear and sweep the ash pit whenever you use the chimney and always use dry, well-seasoned wood for fireplace and annually call chimney sweep services Columbia MD.

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