Whether you are someone who likes to run a lot or you just fell on your knee really badly, knee problems are going to be an issue and you may need to see a knee specialist. Here are some things you can do to make a knee injury heal faster.

Physical Therapy

One of the great things which can instantly make your knee pain less and heal it faster is physical therapy. Physical therapy is just light maneuvering of your knee and moving it in different ways and directions to make it more active and movable. Letting your knee move and sway slowly will help you a lot, especially in the healing process of the bone.

Try to move your knee a little through some physical therapy and you will see the difference instantly. Your pain will subside and you will definitely feel a lot better too.

Hot And Cold Compressions

Another thing you can do to make your knee heal faster is hot and cold compresses. Hot and cold compresses are a great way to tone down the swelling, if you have any, and it also numbs the area of the pain naturally, making the pain less and it also helps to soothe the area. You can do this at any time of the day, and how many times you like, but the trick here is to alternate between hot and cold temperatures.

You want to have a hot bottle and ice pack near you at all times, when you are doing this. Alternatively using hot and cold compresses will make a huge difference in your pain and injury.

Light Exercises

This doesn’t mean going all out and starting a hike. Start with slowly trying to put weight on your knee. You need to bring your knee back to normalcy if you want it to heal faster. You can’t expect the knee to work properly after completely letting it rest. You need to put some strain on it, as much as you and your knee can safely endure, without making you feel any pain or discomfort. This will make a lot of difference in the healing process of your injured knee.

Good Diet

When you have an injured knee, you also want to take care of your diet. Incorporate good foods and whole foods, especially grains, seeds, nuts and dairy, in your diet. Also, consuming tons of fruits and vegetables will get your immune system up and running and you will see that your body heals more quickly, if you do eat good food.

Also, take dairy products, if you can, because this will strengthen your bones and you will see a noticeable difference within no time at all, in your knee.


If you want instant relief from the pain, you can try some medical methods. Supplements are a great way to instantly get rid of the pain in the knee. These supplements are packed with pain killers, essential nutrients and vitamins, which will not only nourish your body, but also heal your knee and other injured parts faster.

Although supplements are great, they need to be taken with a full and thorough consultation of your doctor. You can’t just take these supplements at free will. You need to see if your body will be able to sustain the effects of the supplements, which is why a doctor’s prescription is necessary.


Another instant relief method for knee pains and injuries is to use injections and medication, which promise relief in no time. These injections are usually given to you in a doctor’s office and they consist of corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid. These two components are amazing for knee pain and injuries because they act very fast and can get the pain under control.

Of course, they are not to be used every day, otherwise the effects can be detrimental to your body. Try to only get it once and that’ll be enough.


There you have it! A normal knee injury takes about 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal, but with these tips and tricks, you can get it healed quickly. If the pain is severe, immediately go to an orthopedic doctor for knee pain Woodbridge.

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