A drain snake is indeed a life saver to clean and pull out the gunk and sink debris from the drains. But what if the drain snake does not perform efficiently and is not clearing the clog? Or are you properly using a drain snake? Do you need to hire drain cleaning services?

A drain snake, also known as an auger, a plumbing snake, or a toilet jack, is a metal tool with a coiled metal wire at one end and is bent like a snake. This is a cheap and an effective method to clear up the stubborn clogs from the drain pipes. But if your drain snake is not working this means you are not using the drain snake properly or there is some issue. Let’s look at the ways to fix your drain pipe if it is not working.

Are You Using A Clean Drain Snake?

If you are using a brand-new drain snake then surely it is clean. But if you are using a previously used drain snake then the old clog and blobs of hair must be stuck on it. If there is old gunk then the drain snake will not do its task efficiently. Clean the drain snake properly and then use it.

Are You Using The Right Type Of Drain Snake?

There are different types of drain snake built specifically for the respective task. So maybe you are using a drain snake which is not meant for your specific drain.

Let’s look at the different types of drain snakes or augers.

Small drum auger: This is a small snake or auger which is used for kitchen drains or washroom sinks. It is small in size with coiled metal in the end for easy pull of the debris.

Long drain auger: This is of the same make and design as the small drum auger but it is extra-long in size. This is for long drains and sewer line so that the snake can easily reach the point of the clog and easily pull it upwards.

Toilet auger: This is a specialized auger for toilets. The design is such that it doesn’t scratch the porcelain toilet bowls and clear the clog as well. It has a long rod and a short cable for this purpose.

So, for whatever drain or sink you are using, make sure you use the right auger as the wrong one will not do its work perfectly.

Have You Checked The Thumbscrew?

The thumbscrew is the screw which connects the cable with the drum and if it is tightly secured then the cable will be able to move or you are just rotating the thumbscrew and nothing is happening and hence your drain snake is not working.

When the drum and the cable is fixed in place by the thumbscrew and you put the cable in the drain and then you rotate the handle, this rotation causes the auger to pick up the clog and pull it. If the thumb screw is loose then you will be just rotating without anything happening to the cable. You need to tightly secure the thumbscrew in place to make sure that the auger works fine.

The Clog Is Too Severe Or You Are Pressing The Clog Down

If the clog is too severe and stuck or the clog is just food debris and scum without hair then you will not be able to extract it out. The auger needs hair to get entangled in it so it can be pulled.

Another case can be that instead of pulling up the clog and hair you are pressing it down which causes the clog to further intensify. Pressing down the clog will not help at any cost. Watch some videos on YouTube to ensure you’re using the right method.

If you have done all that you could and also seen and mended everything as well and still the clock does not come out, then you need the help of the experts. If the clog is left then it can lead to water overflow or further obstruction which can lead to leakages and bursting of the pipe. So, call in rooter services Bergen to get the drain clog cleaned.

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