Wooden floors and furniture are popular among people, but can the same be said for wooden countertops where there are options like quartz, granite, and faux granite countertops? Here’s everything you need to know about wooden countertops.

It Needs To Be Sealed

One of the major drawbacks of wooden countertops is that they are not non-porous. They need to be sealed in order to be made waterproof and if you don’t do this step, then the wood will be ruined in no time. Sealing the wood also makes it more hygienic since unsealed wood surface can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus and it can be spread through contact with food. This can be quite unpleasant to deal with, so it’s better that you get over this step.

Another drawback is that this is not a one-time thing. Your countertops need to be sealed at least once a year or twice if the damage is too much or the wood is too old.

Keep Away From Water

Water and moisture are the two biggest enemies of wood. Wood gets damaged pretty fast if it is in constant contact with water. It is not a good material to install near the sink, where there is a lot of water use.

You also want to make sure that your surroundings aren’t too humid either, otherwise, water might condense and find its way into the wood and this can lead to irreparable damage and you might have to replace the wood altogether.

Can Stain Easily

Wood is naturally quite porous and it can absorb any liquid which is on its surface for too long. You might need to get a separate cutting board to cut your fruits, vegetables, and meat on because the juices can stain the butcher block countertops and they cannot be cleaned or removed at all. Even something as simple as juicy fruits can stain wood countertops and the acid in different fruits and vegetables can actually damage the countertop as well.

This is why wood countertops need to be sealed and the pores need to be filled with some sort of mineral oil. This is going to prevent stains from settling into the surface of the wood.

It Elevates The Look Of Your Kitchen

Wood, as much as it is a high-maintenance material, is a very popular choice among people. Wood is a very beautiful material and it is a classic choice. It really brings out the cozy and rustic appeal and it adds warmth to your kitchen. It is also quite a valuable material and it adds a lot of value to your home. Buyers prefer to have wooden fixtures installed in houses they want to buy and wooden countertops are a huge attraction for potential buyers.

It Is Eco-Friendly

Wood is an environmentally friendly material. It is not hazardous to the environment unlike other man-made materials like plastic and resin-based materials. Wood also lasts quite a long and it doesn’t need to be replaced a lot, so it reduces the amount of waste you produce, not to mention that it is also biodegradable and can be recycled when you want to replace it.

Wooden countertops are expensive to install and the maintenance can be a struggle but it is definitely worth it in the end, because there are some good qualities that make wood worth the investment.

It Can Crack

Butcher block countertops are prone to cracking. These kitchen counters can only bear so much weight until they start to crack. You need to be careful about putting too much weight on the countertops because they can chip and break under heavy weight.

The countertops can be reinforced with varnishes and polishes, but engineered wood is stronger than real wood, which is why people prefer the former over the latter. Real wood is not nearly as strong as other countertop materials, so this is the main reason why it needs to be looked after and taken care of.


There you have it! Wooden countertops are great, but they are definitely heavy on the maintenance side and they need a lot of care if you want them to last long. So, before countertop replacement Raleigh NC, find out the best materials that suit your needs and select one of them.

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